RAW Thread 1/8/2018

Raw Live Thread for 1/8/2018

Awesome main event set for tonight. Balor Club vs The Shield 2.0

Not a great one so far. Goldust has been the highlight of the first hour…

Well, there we go. It’s only January and the Hardy-Wyatt laugh-off, is going to be voted for “Worst SEGMENT of the Year”.

I actually think everything involving those 2 is going pretty well. To me, it’s supposed to be crazy and weird.

WWE stands for “Walk with Elias” is getting over with the fans. I see a star on the rise and loving every minute of it.

Bo Dallas needs to cut his hair ASAP

Elias is one of my favorite parts of RAW. Perfect composure and good timing while sitting alone with a guitar.

I think he has great potential. I just hope the WWE machine stays behind him and gives him a chance.

What a weird ending to the cruiserweight championship. Also what a gnarly brow shot.

It seemed as if Enzo was legit hurt. Hope nothing serious.

Well that whole Braun segment was a bit of an overkill in my opinion.

4th attempted murder we’ve witnessed on Kurt Angle’s watch…maybe he should get off the phone and stop pushing his son and do something about this :rofl:

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RAW was terrible for the most part. It’s hard for it to keep my attention for 3 straight hours every week. The highlights were Braun Strowman destroying everybody like always, Asuka finally looking vulnerable, and i rarely praise the women’s division for anything. The main-event was decent although i don’t understand the appeal of The Club and especially Finn Balor. All 3 have been boring since they joined WWE… John and Wai’s podcast is consistently better than RAW every week, so i’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts on the show.

Terrible RAW, decent main event. Braun was great (I was secretly hoping for a “I’m not finished with you!”) but not much else good here. I hated them make Asuka look vulnerable. I fear they are just doing her like Nakamura. Lots of fanfare out of the gate but they will probably start jobbing her out, drop the monster/streak angle and she will be going 50/50 with Alicia Fox in 6 months. I hope I am wrong but I am seriously worried. If you are booking a monster who has never lost, don’t make her look weak…

Forget about Asuka! If we are going to build monsters we need to push Jason Jordan. He is the future and the face of the company. Kurt is doing an excellent job, except for the fact that he has yet to give Double J free reign to show the full extent of his true talent. Jordan should win the rumble and head on to Wrestlemania and take down the beast. Just think of all the Rocky-style training montages that could be done between Kurt and Jason leading up to the card. Book it!