Raw Thread 12/25/2017

Hey guys currently watching RAW and did not see a thread up and running. Just thought I’d put this here just in case anybody wants to comment on the show.

I thought John Cena and Elias had a pretty good match, interesting to say the least.

Am I the only one that thinks Hideo Itami is a bit overrated? I just haven’t seen anything to impress me since he made his debut in NXT.

The women’s match wasn’t bad either. Absolution keeps their dominance going as they take the victory over Bailey, Sasha Banks and Mickie James. I not sure, but I think Mickie James was never officially in the match.

Elias is the second coming of Damien Sandow. Remember him?!

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I have a prediction for the Royal Rumble…Nia Jax wins the ladies match and challenges Enzo for 5he cruiserweight championship at Mania…

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@MJfromNJ I think Elias has potential. I think his character has evolved in a positive way since he made his debut in NXT.

You mean Elias 1.0?

man wwe couldn’t build something with cena and elias he’s one of my favorite thing’s on raw a little build would of been nice

I honestly hope WWE has more ideas for the Wyatt-Hardy feud coming up. It’s almost starting to feel a little drawn out to me already. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the fact that we still have quite a few weeks until the Rumble. I want Matt to have a great run with this Woken gimmick, but in feuds like this, I can see him simmering down eventually reaction wise.

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Jason Jordan being a whiner, Elias/Cena and Reigns beating down Joe were the only enjoyable segments…I swear anytime I see props I’m automatically looking for my phone so I don’t have to watch it.

For some reason it’s not allowing me access to the actual raw feedback thread ? Any idea how to fix this

Hey Chris - manually added you. Should work now.

I absolutely hated this RAW. Saving graces are Joe and where they’re going with Woken Matt. Other than that completely forgettable in every way.

Loved how quickly Cena and Elias went home after the “This is boring chants” started up. Also not a huge fan of Matt Hardy carrying on with the quirky laugh from a couple weeks ago (or last week?). This could just be my impatience with wanting to get Woken Matt up and running.

He was the best as the stunt double with the Miz :slight_smile:

I hate what they are doing with Finn Balor, last couple of weeks messing around with the miztourage and now with Kurt Hawkings… it is going nowhere, Luckily they didnt dress him in a santa suit :slight_smile:

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I watched it until just before the Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe fight started and 'til that point I thought the show wasn’t bad. Still have to get around and watch the final hour.

The Reigns/Joe Match was fun, these two have nice chemistry. Also loved that they kept Joe strong after the beat down walking on his own will.