Raw vs Smackdown

Why are these guys representing those specific brands? The Universal title has never been labelled the “Raw Universal Title”, so it should be open to be on both shows, like the WWE Title should. So no reason for Rollins to represent Raw. Where the hell do they get Roman representing SD from? Are these 2 undraftable now?

Looks like a dumb start to the draft to me.

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I doubt they are undraftable, but they needed a way to decide first pick (could have done coin toss) and probably went well the current champions should fight, oh but Brock cannot or won’t do it…oh let’s use Román he’s on Smackdown. Honestly should have done Becky vs Charlotte for the first pick, as those championships are actually branded. But they may not want to do that match right now either? Tag champs?

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This is great!

Rollins vs Regins is a big time match. You have to think the winner gets Lesnar (I assume the number 1 pick given that he has the other title)

Is it a big time match? There is no heat to it, they are buddies? If they can be drafted what is the incentive to win? Hope they are the number 1 pick and don’t swap brands.


Just horrible. No one should be surprised though, Vince has probably never watched an actual sports draft before.

Why do Rollins or Reigns care if their brand gets anyone?

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Why is it even their brand? Who decided those guys represent those brands?

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Like honestly, I’d rather they flip a coin to see who gets the first pick. Or draw straws. Or play paper/rock/scissors. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

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Right they don’t even know which brand they are on. So Seth wins and Raw drafts Brock and then he gets moved to Smackdown with the second pick? I mean I assume title holders will all be top picks so that your brand gets a belt. If they had said champions will stick with the brand at least a champion vs champion match could have some “brand” loyalty angle, but if they can be moved what is the incentive to win?

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The executives should have an arm wrestling match :crazy_face:. That would fit for WWE and be awful.

They should coin toss, or should have done something based off ratings from last week as the kayfabe reason for why Smackdown picks first overall.


Honestly, even Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler to decide the pick, would have made more sense. At least they are on seperate brands.

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Or Heyman and Bishoff doing something, though we’ve only seen Bishoff once and Heyman is associated with Brock so…

Listen I’m a big AEW fan but they do stuff like this too.

How are Darby and Jimmy the number 1 contenders??! Based on what win loss record? What about Pac? The whole thing made no sense either.

Why was lucha brothers and SoCal in a brawl last week? Why did Britt and Rhio team up against Bea Priestly? Why did Sean spears face Mox?? Where they feuding?

So why is it okay to have Spears vs Mox and not have this? At least Reigns and Rollins have history.

Be consistent. As long as it’s a decent match it doesn’t need a story. If you think that’s not true then hate on Spears and Mox too

Darby Allin went to a draw with the number 1 contender. Havoc won a match against Darby(who went to a draw with the #1 contender) Thus, both make sense.

Lucha Brothers & SCU brawled, because both are in a tag team tournament and both teams think they are the best, so they fought, VERY simple.

Spears & Mox fought, because it was a match that was just put together. Not every single match has to have a reason behind it. They are not representing 2 different brands on what is supposed to be a huge company splitting draft.

Britt & Riho teamed up, because they also teamed up earlier in the year when Bea & Britt first got into it.

This is all really, really simple stuff to understand. It is nothing like 2 random guys being chosen for no reason to represent specific brands.


I don’t disagree with you on any of that. I’m not sure why AEW having logic holes makes it ok for WWE to do the same.

Some of the stuff you mention for AEW is just good booking. You don’t throw PAC in a week 3 title match because he is a star. You put the midcard guy in there because he is going to lose. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Cody and Jericho booking in these matches to start with.

But I wouldn’t see any of what you just mentioned and say it is a big match. I don’t have a problem with Rollins vs Reigns but it isn’t a big match (even if maybe it should be) it is just a match.

I also have more issue if you do this kind of match with 2 guys that could be well served with a real feud instead of a throw away match.

Well Meltzer would disagree with you. He says Darby and Jimmy aren’t number one contenders based on records. So either you know more than him or you are just explaining stuff that makes no sense.

Pac has beaten Omega and Paige. How is he not a better contender than a guy who lost at All Out?

also Mox and Speaes has no build up. It was just a stupid match thrown together.

So is this.

Reigns is biggest name on Smackdown. Rollins biggest name on Raw. So let them fight and see what happens. At least they have some backstory. If you can tolerate Mox and Spears with no build up then tolerate this and see what happens

Yeah I feel like the match won’t have a conclusive ending. Either Brock runs in or the Fiend. I think Rollins and Reigns is a longer story with a bigger pay off at some point.

Nonetheless it’s a big time match to open a show with two of the biggest stars. Let’s not hate on it until it happens. Announcing a big time match can’t be a negative

Explain why Rollins and Reigns “want” to win.

Why does Mox want to win and beat Spears?

It’s a match. If Reigns wins he beat the champ. Probably gets title shot.

They are best friends. No one wants to lose to a friend

Do they want to win to get number 1 pick? No I agree that makes no sense

That was Mox’s first match in AEW. He wants to improve his record. Not complicated.

That’s not what was explained. If Reigns wins his “brand” (which is…???) gets the #1 overall pick. Why would he care?

If Dave Meltzer told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? This guy gets this wrong weekly. Its clear, to any person with even half of a brain, what had happened in AEW up until this point. Yes, Pac has a better record. Yes, he should probably get a title shot. He’s also a heel and the champion is a heel and it doesnt make a good story.

Why are you stuck on this Moxley/Spears match? Stupid question, you’re a troll, thats why. But it was not promoted as 2 guys fighting for their brands. There is no Smackdown or Raw superstars as of right now. Why is Roman then representing Smackdown? Who chose that? Who picked Rollins on Raw? Why would those 2, not then be the #1 pick for that brand they just competed for? What kind of stupidity is it for Roman to be chose before Brock Lesnar?

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