Red Velvet: "I’m just looking to heal and come back because, you know, it’s that time"

Originally published at Red Velvet: "I’m just looking to heal and come back because, you know, it’s that time"

Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan of ‘The Baddies’ were the focus of a virtual signing.

The Baddies in AEW consists of TBS Champion Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan, Red Velvet and Leila Grey. Leila was brought into the fold as Velvet has been away from AEW programming.

Velvet and Hogan sat down with K & S WrestleFest for a virtual signing and Red stated that she is looking to heal and get healthy.

Velvet: Currently right now for myself, I’m just looking to heal and come back because, you know, it’s that time. So…

Later on, it was brought up that some view Hogan, Velvet and Grey as Jade Cargill’s lackeys. Both Kiera and Red expressed that-that is not the case. Velvet gave her take on what it means to be part of the group and encouraged anyone who feels they are lackeys to say it directly to her in person.

Velvet: Yeah, that’s the term …

Hogan: I’m not a side piece, I’m not a lackey, I’m not a groupie, I’m not her little b*tch girl. I’m really not. I feel like me and Red at the time were looking for something interesting to do and we were like, ‘Why not be Baddies? Why not align ourselves with the undefeated Jade and help her out?’ Maybe she needed some backup.

I’m the hottest flame, chef baddie here. We’re all different, we’re all our own different individual selves.

Velvet: Collectively, we make The Baddies, we’re the group. We’re here to show people dominance and what it is to be beautiful, bad, talented and not be afraid to show that. Not hide behind anything so whoever wants to sit here and call us lackeys then show up to the next signing and say it to my face.

Going into AEW Grand Slam, Diamanté and Jade Cargill had some back and forth to lead up to their title match at Rampage Grand Slam. Kiera Hogan and Diamanté are in a relationship and Kiera said it’s unfortunate they are not involved more on-screen.

She went on to share that Diamanté and Peter Avalon filmed a movie recently. While saying that, Kiera said Diamanté is looking to wrestle more and she wants to do the same. Hogan is fine with her position in AEW but wants more in-ring action.

Hogan: No, which is unfortunate because honestly, I wanted to help her when Trina smacked her up. I didn’t wanna just sit there and watch it. But, she’s been doing a lot of indie work and she actually filmed a movie not too long ago and it is amazing. What is the name of it? I can’t remember the name of it honestly but, her and Peter Avalon is in it as well and it’s actually a really good action movie but she definitely just wants to work more, she wants to wrestle people on the roster just like me. I wanna wrestle more. I don’t mind the position I’m in but I’m ready to work.

At AEW Battle of the Belts, Jade Cargill successfully defended the TBS Title against Willow Nightingale but post-match, Nyla Rose ran off with the championship.

Red Velvet was formally signed to AEW in 2021. Her most recent match for the company was this past June on Rampage.

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Their responses are all over the place. Obviously they’re lackies. AEW hasn’t booked me in four years (and never will), so I must be jealous of their spot on the card because I’m saying that?

Red Velvet went from Jade’s primary rival – one that has never, ever come anywhere close to defeating her – to a background character with no personality besides hyping Jade. But she’s no lacky and it’s not a demotion.

Kiera wishes she was wrestling more. Kiera wishes she was associated with Diamante on-screen. Kiera is satisfied with her spot on the card?

The entire womens division is essentially useless for the most part. Parts are interchangeable.

They have legit two stars - Jade and Britt.

Below that are Thunder, Riho and Toni. And even Toni gets no reaction.

On the cusp are willow and Jaime.

Everyone else is essentially just filler. Even if they get over for a moment like Ruby or Shida they quickly go back to being filler

Tony should bring in Stardom stars. Start putting on matches that WWE can’t compete with.

Right now it just seems like a bad version of WWE womens wrestling with no stars.