Red Velvet shares what Cody Rhodes told her before tag match with Shaq, discusses rivalry with Jade Cargill

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Red Velvet revisits that portion of her AEW run. 

March of 2021 is when Red Velvet formally joined the AEW roster. In the early portion of that month, Velvet was a part of a tag match on Dynamite that featured herself and Cody Rhodes teaming up against the first-ever TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. 

Velvet took a look back at that portion of her run with AEW during her appearance on The Grue Rume Show. Velvet recounted what Rhodes told her before the aforementioned tag match began. He told Velvet do not let anyone tell her that the match is not about her.

Her one regret is that she did not get a photo with Rhodes. Velvet shared that Rhodes has joked with her that they could’ve had a twin pack action figure. 

The fact that Shaq was there too (in the AEW mixed tag match) brought a lot of highlight into the match and as I got in the ring and I was super nervous, I shook Cody’s hand and he whispered in my ear and he said, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that this match isn’t about you as well’ and that just really set because you know, the match had Shaq in it and stuff so people — I could have easily been forgotten about and I think he wanted to make sure I remember, this is your moment as well and that just helped me and that was a night I’ll never forget. It was crazy because it was such a hectic day. I was so nervous, it was so much going on and the only regret I have on that day is not taking a tag team picture with Cody. I will never have that now, you know? So I was just like, ‘Ugh!’ I even took a picture with Shaq but just, I wish before the match, there wasn’t so much going on because I would have loved to just really have a picture to remember that moment. I have a picture of us in the ring, shaking hands and when he told me that but still, it would have been good. He jokes about it and talks all the time like, ‘We could have gotten a twin pack action figure.’ I was like, ‘Ugh! I know.’ Tony (Khan), maybe he can still make it, you know?

Throughout Velvet’s time in AEW, both herself and Jade Cargill have been connected to one another whether they’ve been rivals or on the same side. Velvet enjoys wrestling Cargill and said she’ll wrestle her until she beats her. 

She then elaborated on the friendship and rivalry they have, referring to Cargill as the Trish Stratus to her Lita. Velvet is interested to see what Cargill does when she returns and wonders if they’ll be friends or foes. 

I would have taken it off of her anyways (Velvet said about Jade Cargill as TBS Champion). She got lucky that Stat got to her before I did, right after I did but I will take it off her even if she had it. I never get tired of wrestling her and I’ma wrestle her. I will wrestle her until I beat her, belt or not. 

I think as much as I hate to say it — not in a bad way — everyone has that foe that will be their friend and their foe times in their relationship but no matter what, they’re glued. It’s Jade for me. It’ll always be, because we had that first match, we had our second match. She was the first person I wrestled when we were doing that TBS tournament Championship. So we were foes up until that time, then, things switched gears and I was working with her so I got to be her friend, get to know her, do crazy stuff with her in The Baddies and then switch back and say, you know what? No, you’re bossing these girls around. I gotta go back to what’s right and we’re gonna be — I think I’ve had a blast all throughout it. Foe, friend, all of it… she’s the Trish (Stratus) to my Lita kind of. That’s just a person that will always be my number one rival and my friend as well. We are actually twins. We have the exact same birthday, June 3rd, 1992… I’m like the angel and she’s like the devil on my shoulder. Yeah, that’s Jade. That’ll always be us. Yin, Yang but kind of… I can’t even make it up or write it. Sometimes the best rivalries and stuff, they just happen organically and it just happened to be organic. It wasn’t until we did the matches and got to know each other that we’re like, ‘Oh my God, we were born the same dates.’ Only Jade and I, I’m telling you. I laugh about it all the time because I’m like, ‘We’re twins.’ Sometimes we’re great, we’re best friends. Sometimes, we hate the sh*t out of each other and you know, let’s see. I’m excited to see now that she’s lost the belt, when she comes back, what she’s gonna do. Does she wanna be a friend again? A foe? I’m ready for whatever but, we’ll see what happens. 

Elsewhere during the conversation, Velvet credited AEW commentator Taz for establishing the, ‘Stir it up’ phrase during her entrance. She said it’s called ‘serve it up’ but Taz began saying ‘stir’ and it stuck. 

It (her taunt) was called serve it up, like I’m gonna serve you up and then Taz on commentary started saying, ‘She’s stirring it up’ so I gotta thank Taz honestly for the ‘stir it up’ because I used to just serve it up, like I’m about to serve you up but he started saying, ‘Stir you up’ and I was like, it kind of sticks and I kind of like it so I’m about to stir it up. I’m about to stir it up to serve it up so that’s where I’m going with it…

Velvet was last in action on the February 1st edition of Dynamite. She fell in defeat to Jade Cargill in a TBS Championship match. 

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