Referee Chris Sharpe signs new deal with WWE

Originally published at Referee Chris Sharpe signs new deal with WWE

Referee Chris Sharpe inks a new deal with WWE.

NXT and NXT UK official Chris Sharpe took to social media to announce that he has signed a new deal with WWE. Sharpe appeared on 205 Live earlier this year and has also refereed for Covey Pro Wrestling which is based in West Virginia.

Happy to say I've signed a new contract with @WWE @NXTUK 😀

— Chris Sharpe (@WWEChrisSharpe) September 1, 2021

Sharpe is going to be a part of today’s NXT UK episode which airs on the Peacock service. The lineup for today’s show includes the following:

  • Blair Davenport vs. Nina Samuels
  • Amale vs. Emilia McKenzie
  • Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff vs. Dan Moloney & Andy Wild
  • Heritage Cup #1 Contenders Tournament Quarter Final: Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman (w/ Rohan Raja)

🚨TONIGHT on #NXTUK!🚨@NinaSamuels123 v @BDavenportWWE@JackStarzzz & @DaveMastiff v @drillamoloney & @AndyTheWildman@MMckenzieWWE v @AmaleFrenchHope

🏆 #HeritageCup #1 Contenders Tournament Quarter Final: @WWEFrazer v @TeomanWWE w/ @RohanRajaWWE@WWENetwork@peacockTV

— Chris Sharpe (@WWEChrisSharpe) September 2, 2021

NXT UK is covered here on POST Wrestling by way of the ‘Shot In The Dark’ show which can be found at this link.

HOLY SHIT!!! Fuck Adam Cole, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt etc.

We needed this big news on referee Chris Sharpe. If any signing needed it’s own thread, it was this one. Just HUGE news.


Lmao. Awesome response made my day

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I would laugh at this if WWE put out a press release, but this feels like a shot at Andrew Thompson who is a great reporter for Post Wresting. So what if he created a thread for this?

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Where have I ever said a word about Andrew Thompsons reporting? I thought it was funny that a no name referee got a post about his signing.

If I have an issue with someone’s reporting, trust me I’ll just flat out say it.

I mean…who is this a shot at then? He created the thread, and you mocked the fact that a thread was created. I never said you took a shot at his “reporting”, I said it felt like a shot at him.

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Well I for one am very excited about this news and shout out to Andrew Thompson for selflessly disseminating what is sure to be a paradigm shift in the wrestling world.

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Like I previously said, I thought it was funny that a no name referee got a post about his signing, as if he is one of the big free agents that I named. That’s all it is man. Nothing at all against Andrew Thompson. No shots at him. It was a shot at the referee.

Not sure if you have nothing better to do with your time, than to make some drama out of nothing, but don’t worry man, there’s no need to play a hero here.


Not claiming to be a hero lol, I just think it’s unnecessary to bash the stories posted by the reporters on this site.

Double down though, I’ve made my point. Feel free to insult me, that’s what you do.


Well, the guy who deals with covid patients got a laugh out of it and that’s good enough for me. Sorry that you couldn’t see the post as a joke and for upsetting you.

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You probably think I have some huge issue with you now, I really don’t. I just thought it was unnecessary and disrespectful. Regardless, I’ll move on.