Regarding the awkward start to RAR

I keep trying to tell y’all not to sleep on the Warriors…Lol! They’re like Magneto in “Days Of Future Past”, even when they’re on their back & being drowned, they can & will find a way to gain the upper hand.

You have to give Draymond the credit on that last series. He called the double-team on Leonard & pressured Lowry’s shot.

Toronto needs to win Game Six, you don’t want a Game 7 w/The Champs. :100:

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Hi there. I think you said that you considered cancelling your patronage, to me that is a passive aggressive threat because you did not enjoy the tone of the show, if this was not you I apologise.

My wish for people to stop threatening to withdraw support was not solely directed at this specific thread.

I love that even this thread itself has turned into a discussion about the NBA finals. This is what sports does to us.


Warriors would deserve a ton of credit if they can win the next two games, but make no mistake, it would be an all time choke job from the raptors.

No he’s been great, just the last five minutes were horrible. He cost them that game.

Definitely…Especially when you consider that they basically frittered away Game 2. There’s an alternate timeline version of this Finals that ended in a Raptors sweep.

And win or lose, the face turn for the Warriors is the most surprising NBA alignment shift since the Dubs turned LeBron “Freakin’” James into the loveable underdog! :rofl::100:

Yeah, nurse has been way better than I would have guessed

Yeah, Wai’s attitude had me so annoyed I considered it. As I wrote. Then I got over it.

Final thing from me, I came to the forum to see if anyone else had a similar reaction to me, and responded to Paul’s post. It wasn’t my intention to make a mountain out of a molehill, I just wanted to offer some discourse (unpopular as it might be).

Something you may have missed: I don’t get to listen to the additional content, I’m a patron because I’ve enjoyed the show for so long and like supporting these guys.

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Nurse has been WAY better than anyone could’ve expected considering he replaced the Coach of the Year. And you could argue the team needed that T.O. as they were starting to look a lil’ gassed. It’s a close call, though. :100:

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As I said, my post was not directed at you, and more a broader thought, that I could express on one of the few threads being critical of the output provided. My apologies if you felt I was specifically targeting you.

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No need to apologize my man!

You havent posted on the forum in over a year and something as small as this annoyed you so much, that you finally decided to post something?

I’d recommend relaxing a little and become a valued member of the forum.

Whether you like it or you don’t like it; learn to love it…Because it’s the best thing goin’ today, Jack! #NoWaiOut :100:



With free life advice from the likes of Rated_R, I realize now I should have been coming here daily.

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With this kind of go away heat, I should don my black bartender’s outfit and blast some Uncle Kracker

hope I don’t wake Mom upstairs

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Coach of the year is an award given anytime a team has a good record. Casey was not a great coach. Everyone in Toronto knew that. Sam Mitchell is a total idiot and he won coach of the year too.

The Dubs are never out of it. This will be a right next two games. I think it’s a toss up right now. However if it does go 7 it’s hard to think raps lose again at home

Was this worse than the Christy Hemme/Austin Aries debate? That was EPIC.

I love that John and Wai are real friends and real people. That’s why I’m a patron. I want tbeir honesty both on good days and bad. Good booking and monday night raw. Reality. I’m one happy patron.


We are spoiled by their Canadian sensibilities.

Two Americans podcasting together for this long would have had like 70 full scale meltdowns on each other.

What a strange and awkward thread.