Renee Paquette joins AEW

I got to say I’m surprised by this. When she left WWE I always thought she would do something bigger then wrestling.

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Why would you be surprised she wanted to go work with her husband and get paid a bunch of money in the process?

Seems pretty ideal to me.

Didn’t she just start a new job with the Bengals too?


I say this as a compliment to her, I think she can do better then wrestling (AEW or WWE). I see her as a person who should have their own show on Network TV (like a Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest etc.)

I’m not criticizing her for her choice, she should do what makes her happy. I always just saw bigger things for her then wrestling which is why this surprised me, I think she’s that good at what she does.

Job with the bengals seems to be some kind of web show. Not sure how big of a show it is as I don’t follow the bengals (I prefer to suffer as a lions fan :joy:)

Exactly. People seem to forget in AEW talents are actually allowed to do outside projects. This isn’t WWE where everything is about the WWE universe and performing for the universe and doing universal things for the fans to entertain them. And things of that nature