Renée Paquette shares that her mother got a 'Mox' tattoo

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Renée Paquette speaks about how much her mother likes Jon Moxley. 

Both Jon Moxley and Renée Paquette are contracted to All Elite Wrestling. In the summer of 2021, the couple welcomed their first child into the world

As Paquette was being interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, Moxley became the topic of conversation and Renée recounted first informing her mother that she and Moxley were dating. She stated that her mother was weary of Moxley after searching him up. 

Present day, Paquette said her mother loves the three-time AEW World Champion, adding that she’s gotten a ‘Mox’ tattoo. 

So when Jon and I first started dating, and I feel like Jon and I, like even when we first started dating, it was just kind of like, oh, I’m with this person now, and this is my person, and we’re just going to be together. There was never really any kind of conversation of like, who we are and what our relationship is and what our dynamic is; any of that. It’s just sort of like it always has been since we’ve been together. But anyway, so I’m on the road with WWE at the time, of course, and my mom doesn’t know what kind of life I’m really living. Of course, I’m calling and checking in with her, but she doesn’t really know anything about pro wrestling. She really doesn’t know anything about who Jon Moxley and or at the time, Dean Ambrose was. So when I’m telling her that I’m dating this guy, and she starts looking him up. Then she stumbles upon Jon Moxley, looking up his old promos, his old matches, and I remember her, she called me or she texted me and she was like, so, wary of him. She’s like, ‘I don’t know about this. I don’t… It seems a little scary and mean’ and rattling off all these other adjectives. And I was like, ‘Mom, it’s fine, like don’t sweat it.’ But now it’s so funny because my mom is so obsessed with Jon. My mom loves Jon more than she loves me, I can almost guarantee you that. My mom got a Mox tattoo. Yeah, I did not see that in my bingo cards.

Both Moxley and Paquette were present on the 4/12 AEW Dynamite and to hear POST Wrestling’s recap of the show, head over to our YouTube channel

I love these two together.