Renee Young reportedly leaving WWE

Tons of chatter online that she is expected to leave after Summerslam.

Big loss for WWE, as I feel they never truly let her reach her potential. Talking Smack was her high point I’d say and it’s too bad they dumped that concept.

I always felt she could have been this generation’s Mean Gene but it just seemed like they didn’t trust her (or anyone) to go off script. I’m sure her run at the commentary booth being yelled at by a deranged old man didn’t help.

She will be fine though and I can see ESPN or another big sports organization picking her up. She’s way too talented

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Which source reported this?

Outkick originally reported it, but PWInsider confirmed it.

From PWInsider…

WWE broadcast personality Renee Young is leaving World Wrestling Entertainment, has confirmed with multiple sources. We are told Young gave the company notice a week ago that she intends to exit. There is no word when her final date with the company is yet.

Young (real name Renee Good), 32, has been with WWE since 2012, having been hired after working for Canada’s Score Television Network.

As of this writing, WWE has not returned a request for comment.

Over the course of her time with the company, Young has worked as a commentator and backstage interviewed, has hosted a ton of PPV and TV-related programming including FS1’s WWE Backstage, was a cast member for a season on Total Divas and had her own WWE Network series Unfiltered with Renee Young. Young became the first woman to become a full-time announcer for the Monday Night Raw brand in August 2018 before shifting to Smackdown as a “special contributor” in October 2019.

Young’s work has beene extremely popular with fans and there had been talk over the length of her WWE tenure that her work was attracting the attention of a number of other broadcast entities.

Young is married to current AEW Champion Jon Moxley, who she met while both were working for WWE.

There is no word yet on what her next move may be.

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She’s been with the company longer than you’d think since 2012. I feel like she’s kind of done everything you can career wise as an announcer in WWE in those 8 years and has been on the short end of the stick a couple of times in the process (FS1 show getting cancelled, being a part of a failed Raw commentary team, and Talking Smack getting scrapped). It doesn’t surprise me she would want to leave, especially since her husband doesn’t work for the same company. It seems like WWE has been slowly phasing her out since she was removed from the Raw commentary team and using other backstage interviewers instead of her for the last few months or so.

Her husband works for AEW - makes sense.

WWE has often had situations where women whose husbands have left (ie AJ Lee) and I feel that they make the work environment harder on them. She lost her show and isn’t doing too much - she would literally walk into being the primary interviewer at AEW. Makes sense

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Yeah she could do that but I think she’s probably overqualified for AEW.

I see her going somewhere with a sports focus. She was awesome on The Score before WWE scooped her up and ESPN had interest in the past


Goode for her,she deserves better


I don’t think Renee was very good on commentary, but she was great at everything else. And knowing how WWE commentary works, I won’t hold that part against her. I hope she gets to do something cool whenever she ends up.


I actually think she was pretty good on commentary in NXT with Regal. But nobody sounds good with Vince in their ear. It’s been a major issue for WWE for years

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The issue with Renee Paquette (much better name than Renee Young, but at least it wasn’t as generic as poor Arda Ocal as “Kyle Edwards”) is her strengths are as a host and a backstage interviewer. She isn’t that good on commentary. She is the modern day Mean Gene, who also did commentary from time to time.

I can see a major sports network picking her up instead.

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About damn time. Free Renee! She deserve’s a bigger platform.

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Honestly, I think she had a pretty good run.

Outside of Talking Smack getting cancelled because one person didnt like it, I feel WWE used her quite well. Unlike most, I actually liked her on the Raw commentary team, I felt she was very underrated and was disappointed when she was taken off at the brand split.

I can’t say I’m shocked she’s leaving, she never seemed like a super fan of wrestling (ie. her main goal was to succeed in wrestling), and based on her skill set there are larger stages for her to succeed on. I just hope she doesnt sell herself short and go to AEW, nothing against AEW, but she has the ability to be on a major network show making BIG money, like a Kelly Rippa type of personality.


Can’t really blame her. She’s overqualified for her position.

And she probably caught Covid from her unsafe working environment.

I enjoy seeing all the " she’s going to AEW " chatter on social media…like married couples HAVE to work at the same place…


I’d advise the opposite.

PWInsider was reporting that she has had interest from larger entities for years now, if she went to AEW that would be a step down for her, I hope she doesnt do that.

To clarify, when I say a step down, I’m not insinuating that AEW is less than WWE. For what she does, WWE has more opportunity then AEW at this time. I would not say that if the conversation was regarding a wrestler.

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It’s just incredibly misguided to think she would go to AEW just because her husband works there. How many couples work at the same place? Not that many.

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I just saw on Wikipedia that Renee had COVID-19.

I posted this query on the main site of POST Wrestling, but I am unsure if that part of the illness has been cleared up and that she no longer has it.

I really hope it is.

Now I hear that Kayla Braxton also has it, twice.