Renegade Twins recount John Cena's appearance at The Nightmare Factory

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The twins said it was like a personal conversation although there were a multitude of people present. 

Several days after John Cena and Cody Rhodes had an on-screen segment together on Monday Night Raw, Cena visited Rhodes and Q.T. Marshall’s Nightmare Factory school in Georgia. 

Two of the talents present for Cena’s session were The Renegade Twins (Charlette & Robyn Renegade). They recapped the experience as they were doing a virtual signing for East Coast Autograph Auctions

Charlette stated that it felt like a personal conversation although there were a multitude of people in the room. They both added that Cena is exactly who he presents himself to be, with Charlette describing it as an ‘out of body’ moment. 

Charlette: We actually met John Cena recently. He came and spoke at the Nightmare Factory and we got the opportunity to sit there and talk to him and I want to let everybody know, John Cena is John Cena is John Cena. The John Cena you see on TV and in movies is the same John Cena that you’re gonna see in person and it is a beautiful, beautiful, very refreshing thing. 

Robyn: If you’ve ever watched John Cena which I’m… everybody’s watched John Cena. John Cena is John Cena. John Cena is John Cena. There’s no other way to explain it. It’s John Cena. 

Charlette: It felt like such a personal conversation even though it was 30 people there looking at him. It felt very personal and very special and it was an out-of-body moment. 

In February, Charlette and Robyn captured the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championships at the Nuff Said pay-per-view. They lost the belts the following day at the originization’s television taping. 

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit East Coast Autograph Auctions with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.