REPORT: AEW moves over 30,000 tickets for All In presale

Originally published at REPORT: AEW moves over 30,000 tickets for All In presale

An update on the AEW All In presale, per reports. 

The presale for All Elite Wrestling’s All In event at Wembley Stadium saw the company move over 30,000 tickets, per F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer and PWInsider’s Mike Johnson

Both outlets listed the 35,000 number as the amount of tickets moved today. Tickets will be available to the general public on May 5th. 

All In is going to be the company’s highest-attended event since their launch in 2019. Their previous attendance record was the first Grand Slam show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in 2021

There have not been any match or talent announcements for All In. The week after the event, they’ll be running their annual All Out pay-per-view.

Incredible job. Honestly everyone should be very proud

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The bots and ticket brokers really did an awesome job on this. Kudos to those who were able to secure 40% losses in the secondary market.

On track to easily beat anything WCW ever did.

I know this is a joke - but man, that’s the current discourse on Twitter.

“It’s one thing to sell tickets… but what if the seats are all empty?!?”

People are such idiots sometimes

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Based on Stubhub there are only 25 tickets total on the secondary market. That seems way too low. Is there a different website that is primarily used in the UK?

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I mean, they sent out individual codes for people to access this pre-sale. So there could be something to the fact that the majority of people buying today actually intend on going. I could see re-sellers jump on when it opens up next week. But for now, it’s possible that many of those on sale are by actual fans.

For comparison’s sake, Clash at the Castle had a lower first day sales.


This is the event info from the official site (Ticketmaster):

  • A max of 6 tickets per person and per household applies.
  • Tickets in excess of this will be cancelled.
  • Tickets must not be purchased with the intention of reselling them.
  • If you can no longer use your tickets, you may only resell them through authorised resale sites (please check Event page on promoter website)
  • You may not resell or offer to resell tickets for this event through any unauthorised resale site
  • Any tickets purchased, resold or offered for resale in breach of these special conditions may be cancelled

There are further pre-sales tomorrow and Thursday, before general sale on Friday.

They are also running fan fests on the Saturday before and Sunday of the show.

Gonna be a stacked weekend! Wouldn’t surprise me if we got a bunch of live podcasts in days leading up to it too.

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They beat Clash in tickets sold? Total revenue? Or both?

Regardless, awesome first day! It’s going to be an insane show!

First day pre-sale.

Ya I know….I meant compared to clash’s first day, did they beat total tickets? total revenue? Or both?

Tickets sold, by several thousand.

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That’s so illegal. Tickets didn’t go on sale did they? Wasn’t it just signups for presale?

Idk how stubhuub has listings for pre sales but maybe it was legit tickets purchased not the signups. Anyway yeah Ticketmaster is being watched by the Gov and has regulatory overhangs I’m sure it’s just as bad in the EU. Interesting whatever the rules were about resale.
And my first post was a joke @MarkP

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Oh, I know it was. Haha.
But seriously, that’s a twitter talking point right now by the bad-faith take crowd.

Don’t even waste your time reading those takes. This is why I refuse to go on Twitter, it’s just people bitching and moaning about everything. I’ve said this before, you could cure cancer and you would have people finding a reason to bitch about it on that cesspool.

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Presumably the various pre-sales have a certain amount of tickets allocated to them before general sale and it looks like this pre-sale has virtually sold out because there aren’t even any £1k+ tickets available now. Literally just the £30 upper tier tickets can be bought.

Thought it was awesome to see Tony bury the ESPN reporter who said Wembley was scaled for 40K. Nick Khan and WWE are so petty and jealous :joy:

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