REPORT: AEW releases Ace Steel

Originally published at REPORT: AEW releases Ace Steel

Ace Steel no longer with AEW, per report. 

Before All Elite Wrestling presented their Collision program from Chicago, Illinois, a press release was issued to announce that CM Punk’s wrestler and employee contracts have been terminated and he is no longer with the company. 

Today, it was reported by PWInsider that Ace Steel has been released from AEW. It is well documented that Steel and Punk are close friends. He appeared on-screen with Punk on the lead up to All Out 2022. 

Steel was involved in the physical altercation at the event between Punk and The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson). 

He worked as a producer for AEW. Prior to joining the company, he was with WWE but was let go in January 2022

Who’d he make fear for their life?

Another one bites the dust.


He was a producer on the road who allegedly bit Kenny Omega last year. Should have stayed fired, but worked from home instead.


Probably people who witnessed him biting a wrestler last year?


Corporate SOP 101 is to fire someone, bring them back, then re-fire them for that initial incident they were brought back after? Lawsuit ahoy.

If his employment was contingent on Punk’s employment, then I would assume it is pretty cut and dry.