REPORT: Ben Carter signs with WWE

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It was reported in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ben Carter has signed with WWE. Carter’s signing with WWE was hinted at several days ago by AEW’s Miro during a Twitch stream as Miro stated that Carter went to the “dark side” instead of joining AEW.

Ben Carter began working with All Elite Wrestling over the Summer which led to him being featured on their ‘Late Night Dynamite’ special in a match against Scorpio Sky. Carter was also featured on an episode of IMPACT Wrestling ‘Xplosion’ during-which he took on Chris Sabin.

Carter did tell Fightful during an exclusive interview that he did his AEW spots for free because he was not able to secure a work visa and it would’ve been illegal for AEW to pay him.

Ben Carter was trained by Seth Rollins and Marek Brave at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. While speaking with POST Wrestling in September, Brave stated that Carter had some big things in the works.

First ever wrestler who previously worked AEW to sign on to WWE.

First ever!

Mercedes Martinez was the first I want to say.

Mercedes did the Mae Young Classic first, then the Casino Battle Royale at All Out last year, and then signed with WWE.

Amazed that Carter to work for free. Glad to see his signing confirmed, if only so he can get that work visa.

Congrats to him. Can’t wait to see him back in AEW in a few years, when he realizes he’s booked like a clown every week. If Ricochet can’t cut it, this up certainly won’t and no one will care about him in NXT UK.

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I forget that NXT UK even exists and I’m British. I know it started off hot as I followed it at the beginning, but is it as disregarded as I think it is now?

It seems like, in true WWE fashion, the most significant influence it’s had is dismantling the local indie scene.

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Good luck. Nice to see someone realize their dream but he’s not big enough to ever be treated seriously as long as Vince is in charge.

Never heard him talk but he probably has an accent so that’s another Vince strike against him.

Fck this dude. Another fool chasing a invisible brass ring and a paycheck that will sign a WWE contract that discourages individualism and workers value.

(Gonna be my new answer every time somebody signs there)


So it makes sense ?

Can’t tell if you are joking or if you are being serious, but if serious, I just can’t criticize anyone for doing what they believe is best for themselves and their families.


I’ll leave it ambiguous - lil bit of both. I agree with what you said but feel strongly I’m done blaming WWE for what it chooses to do as an enterprise and rather blame talent for enabling it.


I can. I will never get behind someone who gets into something like this or football, hockey, baseball or whatever and chooses money over wanting to do well.

Its like a player choosing to sign with a sign with a shit team, over a championship contender, because they got a little more money. I have no respect for that. Ben Carter will amount to nothing in the WWE and then he’ll be yet another guy, who goes on podcasts or does some interviews, whining and complaining about how he was treated.

Until Vince McMahon is not in power anymore, it is going to be the same old song and dance with these guys and I have no sympathy anymore.

You can choose not to have sympathy if those people sogn for money. But it also might not be “a little bit more.” Time in sports is very limited so maximizing you earnings only makes sense. It won’t make you a legend. Also we don’t know what anyone else offered the guy. If WWE said “hey here’s $100k a year for 5 years.” And the next best offer was $60k. Is that a little bit more money? Because as someone who earns in that tame it seems like a lot to me.

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So what you’re saying is that you don’t want your athletes and entertainers to also be people? It’s ok for you and me to take a less fulfilling job for more money, but not them.

And for what it’s worth, athletes (most notably in the NBA) have started going for championships instead of taking the most lucrative offer, and they catch shit from fans for that too.

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Rated R Poster, Ben Carter is an adult; he does what he wants as long as it come in conflict with the law.

As long as everyone is not harming other people, they can do it.

If you don’t want to watch a company’s wrestling programme, you can switch it off, just like how Carter can sign a deal with WWE. Sure, if he regrets it, it will be his mistake. If he becomes misused, spat out and goes complaining in podcasts whining say five years from now, that’s his mistake. But what he does is his own business.

Just curious, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to: who else do you blame that mirrors Carter’s choice?

I’m saying, you probably don’t care about what WWE is doing anyways, so why chip away at him?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep your opinions, because, if I did, I’d be just as guilty, but let Carter do his thing. Like you, I just hope he gets used properly, especially for a guy that came from AEW.

On the other hand, I just realised that don’t have to read your comments if I don’t want to. Don’t take it personal, just my 50 Reminbi.

Its a lot of money to me too, but I’d take the 60k and feel like I’m going to be happy and have potential for growth and to make more in the future, over 100k and be used like shit and be stuck in a lesser spot. If you dont value yourself and dont think you have the potential for growth, than I can see why you’d take the 100k.

When these people are children, they dream of winning WWE championships or NBA or NHL or NFL or whatever. They play street hockey, imagining they are winning the stanley cup. They play high school football, imagining they are in the superbowl. They arent dreaming of what their cheque is going to be.

So when they get there to an elite level and choose an extra few hundred thousand to go to a lesser team or company, I do not respect that. I do not like Lebron James, but I have huge respect for him for what he has done. I see him and I see a guy who wants to win championships.

I respect a guy like Jon Moxley, who knew he could accomplish more and felt like he was going nowhere. He bet on himself and wanted to grow as a performer, because he loves the business and realizes he already has a ton of money. I dont respect a guy like Dolph Ziggler, who could accomplish so much more, but chooses to stick with mediocrity, for a couple more 0’s.

You said it, they dream of winning WWE championships. So they sign with WWE. The next generation of kids turned wrestlers may be different.

These performers have small windows to make as much money as possible to support themselves and their families for the rest of their lives. Just look at all the sad stories out there.

I don’t think the performers care about what you think or what I think, I think they care about making as much as they can so they can live out their moves as comfortably as possible. If you want to vilify them for that, go ahead. I won’t.

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And you have every right to do that, and nobody else should judge you for that decision because ultimately it’s your life. Ben carter deserves that same level of respect.

Also, fans project. Not every wrestler is miserable in WWE. Some of these performers do get fulfillment there.