REPORT: Cesaro's contract with WWE expires

Originally published at REPORT: Cesaro's contract with WWE expires

Cesaro gone from WWE, per report.

PWInsider pushed out their report that WWE and Cesaro had been in negotiations for a new deal as Cesaro’s contract was nearing its expiration date. According to the site, they were not able to reach a new agreement and Cesaro is no longer under contract with the company.

Cesaro was offered a contract extension but he turned it down. Due to his deal expiring, there is no 90-day non-compete attached to his exit.

In 2011, Cesaro signed with WWE and has been with the company since. He was most recently a member of the SmackDown roster. As of this writing, his last match with the company was on the 2/11 SmackDown during which he fell in defeat to Happy Corbin.

Cesaro’s last TV win was in November 2021. Throughout his time in WWE, Cesaro became a multi-time Tag Team Champion along with holding the U.S. Title.

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Didn’t he just renew like a year ago??

I am excited to see what he can do elsewhere. Hopefully seeing what Bryan Danielson has done outside the system has given him some motivation to push himself.

Also… I hope this means that we may see a run by Sara Del Rey in the ring again someday soon.

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He really is a guy that should jump to AEW. As long as Vince is in charge, he going to be locked in that mid card position. Even when he got a push a year ago, it only lasted a couple months until he regressed right back to his typical spot.

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Thats what I thought, I could have sworn he just signed a 3 year deal. Maybe it was a 1 year.

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Yeah… that’s why I am so surprised by his. I was surprised they agreed to a one year contract, and then gave him that small run with Roman.

Either way… I am not somebody who says AEW should sign everybody - but this is a signing that is so obvious.

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So long overdue. Cannot wait to see him get out of permanent lower-mid card hell and actually show what he can do finally.

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Just think; Cesaro in the G1. Thats all i have to say


I also agree with the AEW signing, but I really miss the days when the AEW roster was mostly consisted of underground or unknown talent to the “norm-WWE” wrestling viewers.


Sure, I can appreciate that. But I’ll also gladly take a roster of indie / international standouts mixed with all the guys who WWE squandered within the last decade.

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Yeah. I’d love to see him spend some time in Japan to reestablish his bona fides. He’s someone I’ll go out of my way to pay to see work outside of the Fed.

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While Cesarso in the ring is spectacular I just don’t see him being anything but a “mid-carder” anywhere. In AEW will he be in the world championship picture with Page, Cole, Mox, Omega, Bryan? He might get a shot but just don’t see him being higher than a TNT title contender.

Japan makes the most sense to me as somewhere that desperately needs a shot in the arm with some new contenders.


This sounds like an automatic AEW signing doesn’t it.

If I was WWE I would rather have Cesaro than Cody and Brandi

Im curious why you think this. You were one of the biggest haters against Zack Ryder on this forum. A guy who actually tried to do something to get over in the company, yet you still called him a loser. Hes now thriving on the indies and though he may not be a great wrestler and having five star classics, hes doing enough to be someone people talk about.

Cesaro did nothing to even try and get over. Hes an abysmal promo( the language has nothing to do with it.) Sure, hes a phenomenal wrestler, but so are many others. He will get an AEW title shot, maybe even win the TNT title, but he is never going to be anything more than upper midcard, at best.

I actually think his best use overall would be to team back up with Chris Hero and go for the AEW tag titles.

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He’s an abysmal promo in the WWE scripted system, the same system that made Jon Moxley dress up in a Mountie outfit and roll a hot dog cart to the ring.

There’s a reason why Ryder didn’t stick in AEW - he’s better as an indie guy. The gimmick he has right now is just a diet version of Mick Foleys anti-hardcore gimmick in ECW.

I never even said anything about Cesaro in AEW. I think he needs to get the WWE stench off of him and work Japan.

And he was over several times in WWE (Andre battle Royal, Cesaro section) and also helped Tyson Kidd, Swagger and Sheamus get over in tags

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Is the “Face of Revolution” match, the ladder match where the winner grabs the huge donut that supposedly is the “brass ring”? If so, then Cesaro is written all over this match.

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Just listed to Meltzer on SNME, he reported that Cesaro not re-signing with WWE was more a WWE decision then a Cesaro decision. Sounds like they didn’t offer him much in terms of money. Meltzer said “they didnt offer him the money Sammy Zayn got, or even anything close”.

Its the right move from WWE. Could you imagine Cesaro feuding with a celebrity? Theres a few matches i want to see in AEW, but im really hoping for a New Japan run. I think hed be awesome there.

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I know everybody seems down on his mic skills… But he was tremendously entertaining back during his Swiss Money Holding days. He had great comic delivery and timing.

That’s actually where Meltzer said he would be perfect for as well, it all depends on restrictions.

A bland interchangeable performer or Cody and Brandi who guarantee you must see car crash segments every time? I know which one of those choices most people outside the hardcore wrestling audience would rather see.