REPORT: Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW

It’s being reported Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW! If true, wow!

Are any of the major sites reporting it? Wrestling Inc is the only site I could find with the story.

**Bryan Danielson, you mean.


Ringside news and fightful are also both reporting it

But he’s just a goat-faced B+ player who doesn’t eat meat. Why would AEW want him?

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Wrestlezone and ewrestlingnews as well

Haha. listen I read that site all the time but they are far from a major site. They still post links with the titles of “this female star in a smoking hot photo” or “the wrestling world reacts to not really big news”

I normally don’t follow ewrestlingnews. I just googled the story and thats what came up. postwrestling and wrestlinginc are the only two websites I usually go to for news

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It could be true, but as of right now the guys here on Post, PWInsider, Meltzer, and Sean Ross Sapp have reported nothing. I dont want to get my hopes up due to reports on “Newz” sites.

Definitely worth keeping an eye out though.


The only thing I would say is that Sean Ross Sapp / Fightful is saying that the person who has reported this story has a very good track record when it comes to AEW news.

A very interesting story to follow though.

Even more interesting when you couple it with Sapp’s earlier report in the day about CM Punk training for a return, and people within WWE believe communication has stopped and believe it’s because he is headed to AEW.


Just gonna cut off whoever is planning on it and saying it immediately: Yeah, these are the old and/or former WWE guys you need in AEW and nothing they’ve done prior to add to the roster has any baring when it comes to them.

The bloated roster, the flooding of released talent…etc…figure that out later. These are “if you can get them, you get them” moments and Khan would be insane not to jump on them considering he has the money to do so.

Personally, whatever gets Danielson to New Japan has always been my A1 hope, so this would seem like a pretty good sign that is happening as well.


I’m not sure new japan is gonna run a Daniel bryan vs A1 feud but hey you never know. Does A1 even wrestle anymore?


100%! This is why I question when AEW brings in some of the former WWE guys (ie. Christian, Hardy, Henry, Show etc.) as while its perfectly ok to have some former WWE guys, you dont want it to be half your roster, and you want to save those spots for the must haves like the Punks, Bryan, Tommy End’s, and Andrade’s of the world.

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Looking forward to/hoping they have Bryan Danielson affiliated with the Dark Order.

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Can’t get to New Japan without going through the forbidden :door:

Punk and Bryan aren’t Ex-WWE guys going to AEW to me….They are Ex-ROH legends released from the insane asylum that paid them very well and made them huge stars in the business and beyond.

And for what it’s worth End and Andrade could be seen as Ex PWG/Indy and Lucha stars.

At least that’s how I’m choosing to view it.


This, so much.
If you were a fan during the 00’s, the two top independent performers for the majority of this time were Bryan and Punk. They were two of THE guys who ROH was built around. When they went to WWE - for a significant portion of the audience - saw them as “there guys” getting an opportunity with WWE.

Both spent roughly as much time within the the WWE system, as they did elsewhere before it. Danielson, roughly ten years. Punk , roughly seven years.

I think one of the reason so many fans are excited to see a possible AEW run happen is because it feels like a natural continuation of both men’s journey.

I will not argue that WWE didn’t help launch them into another level of stardom… But neither are just “WWE Guys”. To me a “WWE Guy” is somebody like Reigns or Orton. Guys who spent all or almost all of their careers in the WWE system.


Quite the news day yesterday for some of the ROH forefathers, between Danielson possibly AEW-bound, Punk possibly AEW-bound, and Joe… well, I don’t want to spoil anything about Joe for those that didn’t read it.

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What an immaculately weird hill to die on, but I’ll let you guys have it lol.


I wasn’t trying to argue anything. I was just saying that to many fans, they’re not a “WWE guy”.
Both Bryan and Punk were established draws and main event players in countless promotions prior to WWE. They were stars already, and succeeded within WWE because they’d already been players at a lower level.

I agree with you on your entire post.