REPORT: Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW

It’s cool. Randy Johnson will always be a Mariner to me.


Is what me or @MJfromNJ saying really that silly? Serious question.
I’m not arguing, I’m totally in agreement.
I also don’t fault why a specific group of (the MAJORITY of fans) would likely label them as such. I just don’t think it’s silly why another way to look at it is equally correct.

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No it’s not silly. Was making a sports analogy.

Now if I had said A-Rod…you should be offended.


Yeah, I was totally lost when you went all sports talk. Haha
My point of reference for baseball is the 1992 Blue Jays, and Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for SNES.

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Now there’s some beautiful nostalgia. I think Sega Genesis had a great game that was ~ those 1991-92 seasons too. That Griffey and the one on N64 were the best.

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Randy Johnson and ARod. Mariner legends who won their titles elsewhere

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Now Khan has to buy the rights to Final Countdown

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Patrick Ewing will always be a Knick
Tom Brady will always be a Patriot
Gary Payton will always be a supersonic.
Shaq played everywhere and while his most success came with LaKers I’m sure many teams claim his legacy (Orlando where he started, Miami where he won a title).

Bucketing guys as a “promotion” guy - yes there are obvious cases as lifers.

For Punk and Bryan if AEW existed as it does now when they left ROH maybe they’d never go to E. Maybe they’d have gone to WCW. They were huge successes in WWE while being pushed as non-corporate or B+. Storyline or no the realities are they fought huge uphill battles to succeed somewhere they didn’t necessarily fit in and certainly not for many years. That they go to a company closer to their roots makes a lot of sense at this stage of their careers and labeling anyone as a WWE guy really diminishes their overall legacy. It’s almost like only WWE matters which isn’t true for many wrestling fans.

If wrestlers had jerseys retired it’s way more likely ROH would celebrate and honor them and WWE would not because idk WWE even views a lot of these guys as “wwe guys”.

In other sports this is normal fan culture. Wrestling fandom is weird sometimes. I stand by what I said and how I proposed it could be viewed.


Punk and Bryan were guys that Vince never fully got behind. Not the right look and only pushed because fans demanded it.


The idea of “ex-wwe” guys is flawed, unless it’s someone that only worked in the WWE system, they worked somewhere else. Imagine if Tom Brady couldn’t sign with the Buc’s, because he played for the Patriots…it sounds stupid, doesn’t it?


I think the reason people see performers that have spent a long and successful time of their career as WWE guys is because it is viewed as the major league of pro-wrestling. So it is what most fans remember about them. Where they made themselves “household names.” You wouldn’t refer to Derek Jeter as a Columbus Clippers guy because he played there in the minor leagues.

The thing that is funny about the whole discussion is that it only matters for “WWE guys” at this point more or less. The idea of “WWE guy” is born out of the WCW/ECW era when there were other major league promotions. Like Sting is a WCW guy and people might refer to him as one.

No one looks at “independent ” wrestlers by their promotions.
No one looks at Kenny and says he’s an NJPW guy.

Or Brian Cage as an “Impact guy”

It probably also has to do with the exclusivity of WWE contracts compared to other promotions. Bryan Danielson hasn’t worked a match outside of WWE since 2009 or 10. Which means that there are people in their 20s who likely have never seen him anywhere else.


CM Punk put up an IG story with theme from Last Dance. Has to mean something

Maybe he signed with the Bulls as their waterboy.


Or he’s coming to All Out in Chicago. But him as a water boy would be better.

I wouldn’t be surprised if AEW leaked to this. You have to think it’s smart to draw attention away from Goldberg and Cena by announcing Daniel and punk which obviously are much more intriguing since the other two are likely only here for a month.

Definitely smart to leak it and like previous rumors, somehow “coincidentally” wound up happening on a Wednesday again, so that may have helped interest in Fyter Fest. Which makes it double smart.

Question to me is, while I think once Punk is back, he’s back (especially for the price Khan probably has to pay to make this happen), I do wonder how full/part time Danielson will be when we have to account for him wanting to be part time foundationally, before we get to that part time wrestler needing to split his lesser time between at least 1 Japanese company, Mexico, probably some England/Germany, and whatever random Indies he wants to work. Though either way it should be more than Cena/Goldberg, I wonder if he’s more of a special attraction they use perhaps more towards sporadically as we assumed Sting would be.

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Not much to add to this in my response to the other posts because it covers the most important part, but just to say I think there are plenty of people who will view both as ROH or general Indie guys if they please, but it’s a little stubborn [for some] to pretend like no one is going to consider the Pipe Bomb/Longest Running WWE Champ of a generation guy or guy who main-evented Wrestlemania twice, defended the title two other times/created a chant that flooded mainstream sports…WWE guys.

Maybe it’s Indy guys going back to Indys doesn’t really matter what we call it, but getting back to the main conversation, the only reason we’re even saying “WWE guys” is the flow we’re watching from one base to the other and it’s less of a culture war than just an appearances issue people have been complaining about…which…I think is just a terrible way to look at AEW picking up two of the most important wrestlers of the past 20 years.

My assumption is that Danielson would have a deal similar to Moxley. AEW is priority, but he’s allowed to work internationally with their partners. As well as some special American indies (ie, Moxley with GCW events).

Even if both sign deals that are 50 dates a year, that gets them on every PPV and Special TV, with three or so monthly TV appearances.

The one thing I’d say AEW has done a very good job of is cycling talent on TV regularly. There are times when big talent goes several weeks without appearing, and nobody seems to notice because the roster is so deep.
I will say Sting’s initial two months after his debut felt very run into the ground. But at least both Punk and Bryan would have much more to offer physically than Sting.

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Given this clip, and his statement about New York, I do feel like Danielson returning in NYC actually would be perfect.

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Totally get these two being ROH guys to some, hey AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Drake Maverick, LA Knight, Bobby Roode etc are all TNA guys to me lol

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