REPORT: Edict issued to remove MJF from promotional material

Originally published at REPORT: Edict issued to remove MJF from promotional material

The story involving MJF and All Elite Wrestling continues to evolve with a report stating that his removal from various promotional materials was requested last week.

Mike Johnson at reports that an edict was issued requesting that MJF be removed from TNT and TBS promotional and commercial material. The site reports:

MJF is currently being edited out of any TBS and TNT spots he appears in with different AEW footage replacing him. We are told that the existing spots with MJF have been officially pulled but it’s possible some may still pop up as they transition to the newer spots.

Since MJF’s promo last Wednesday, AEW has not posted the segment online and has removed MJF from the roster page on the site, his merchandise has been pulled, and he was not featured in the opening video for Rampage last Friday.

POST Wrestling has reached out to representatives at TNT and TBS regarding this story and will update if we receive a response.

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Ok……are they expecting people to believe that he was “shooting” on Wednesday?

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I fully believe that this is still part of the work.

I think Tony and MJF are both smart enough to try and cover all bases in terms of trying to convince people of the legitimacy of things.

Walking the line as close to Pillman without losing the plot.

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I mean, the only reason I think the edict could be legit is that he dropped that F Bomb on live TV.

So did Moxley when he came back from his hiatus. And that wasn’t bleeped out

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You’re probably right, but in 2022, any fans that are following this closely would know it’s a work. If it was a shoot, and he actually went off script, he be suspended indefinitely and taken off TV. People like Meltzer, John, Johnson, etc would all know. Pillman worked in the 90’s because fans weren’t as in the know, today it feels unnecessary. Regardless, I’ll give them an A for effort, it’s not like it hurts anything.

I think that F bomb was very much planned given the perfect timing of the the bleeping.


Exactly. Especially because he mentioned the network execs watching. All part of the plan, well executed but part of the plan IMO

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My brothers and sisters, don’t get worked! Fin