Report: Ethan Page no longer under contract with AEW

Originally published at Report: Ethan Page no longer under contract with AEW

Ethan Page is no longer under contract with AEW and/or Ring of Honor.

Earlier this week, AEW removed Page from its roster page with Fightful Select reporting that the performer is not under contract and had been looking to leave the promotion as far back as February.

Page, 34, left IMPACT Wrestling at the end of 2020 and joined AEW by debuting in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match at the Revolution pay-per-view in March 2021.

Page formed a team with Scorpio Sky with manager Dan Lambert as “The Men of the Year”.

Page was also part of “The Firm” with The Gunns, Big Bill, Lee Moriarty, and Stokely Hathaway.

Last summer, he challenged MJF for the AEW Heavyweight title in Page’s hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. His last AEW match occurred last December in Montreal where he lost to Kenny Omega. Since that time, he had six matches for Ring of Honor and last wrestled in February before appearing on several independent shows beginning in March.

I like Ethan Page, and if he feels the need to branch out if he feels he’s not being used enough in AEW, more power to him.

February was when he relaunched his own promotion, Alpha-1 Wrestling, so he’s been working on that, and they’re back up and running.

I read that he credits AEW in getting his green card and getting permanent residence in the United States

It’s a case of TK wanting more and more new shiny toys and not developing what he has.

As soon as he went to ROH you knew it was over. That is where careers die. Seems like too much of a nice guy unfortunately and that doesn’t always help you in wrestling.

There is no reason why Men of the Year shouldn’t have got a tag title run. The guy can work and talk and TK not finding a spot for him somewhere is an indictment on his booking ability.

Athena might disagree, but it’s absolutely AEW’s NXT-equivalent.

No it’s not. Who from ROH has developed into a star for AEW? It’s a total waste of time.

Athena was good before ROH and she’s being watched now by so few. She never should have been there in the first place and now it’s been two years!!!

Closer to Main Event or 205 Live than NXT in my opinion.

Sucks for Ethan. He never really got a chance. Always felt like he could promo a little bit if they gave him an opportunity, but it’s tough when you’re always cast as the fourth best guy in your faction.


It’s not 1:1 with WWE and NXT, but the Embassy went from being ROH-only to being paired up with Swerve (though the only one benefitting from that now is Prince Nana), and Eddie Kingston and Samoa Joe have done a lot more in AEW after thought to be ROH-only as titleholders. Athena has been able to do a lot more in ROH and develop a different personality than she would have on AEW TV. So her trajectory and the fact that you have other people doing stuff that AEW doesn’t have time for is my argument against ROH being a place to die. It’s only a waste of time if you are watching it and feel your time is wasted. I don’t because I still don’t have HonorClub, so I’m just happy undercard wrestlers have a spot somewhere and are getting paid.

We can all agree that All Ego should have been doing more in All Elite.

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Kingston and Joe never should have been on ROH. The Embassy are nowhere near pushed acts.

What good is Athena doing what she does on ROH if no one is watching?

It’s just a bad show that has dragged AEW down big time and wastes everyone’s time. It’s not even developmental it’s places where guys go to have matches. And above all else it absolutely KILLS the live crowd.

I didn’t say the Embassy are pushed acts, especially not now. Prince Nana is getting the most out of it.

ROH needs a better taping schedule and a different creative team so as not to stretch Tony Khan thin, but I don’t feel it’s a plague on AEW like people make it out to be for some reason. People were complaining about ROH titles being on AEW TV like they were Vince Russo segments or Diva Pillow Fights or some such nonsense.

The main topic of this thread, however, is Ethan Page. We know he’s doing Alpha-1, his own videos on his own schedule, etc. Do we eventually see him take the next step in his career to something bigger, give TNA another shot, or stick to the norm?

I could see WWE scooping him up. There were rumours they wanted him after he left TNA. He has the size, can work, talk and act. He would fit in well with them and give another example of using a guy better than AEW.

Following him will probably be Ricky Starks

This is a fallacious statement and sort of implies that only wrestling with large viewership is worthwhile. Will Ospreay just told an anecdote a few weeks ago about watching holiday camp wrestling in the UK and seeing Danielson wrestle there. There’s a value in all types of wrestling, and Athena has been the number one focus of ROH for two years and when she’s spoken about it does not see it as being “lesser than” her counterparts.

ROH is also not “just matches.” It’s the most traditional “storyline-focused” show that AEW puts out and the performers have a lot of creative leeway and freedom on there. It’s not a show full of homeruns every week, but it’s usually a pretty fun show with a lot of variety on it.


Why is she under contract and not being used on the promotions biggest platform? It makes no sense. This isn’t her working indies or doing it for the love of performing. She’s under AEW contract and working a show no one watches. Seems dumb.

And have you ever sat through ROH tapings? I have several times. They are terrible. Most of the crowd leaves. Matches have no heat. It’s pathetic and isn’t benefitting anyone.

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It is weird to me that they’ve still banished Athena to ROH after all this time. Both shows in Toronto that I attended, she was easily one of the most over girls on the program. Good heel energy; could actually work. It’s bizarre that they haven’t given her a run on the “main roster” yet.


I never really saw Ethan Page until he was in AEW, I thought I would end up liking him more. I read someone say on Reddit that there wasn’t really much Ethan Page offered that MJF didn’t do better and I agree with that.He seemed like a solid pro and they could have done better with him, but I didn’t really find myself dying for more either.

As far as ROH goes, to me I just don’t really see its use aside from being another place for people to work. I love it for that, but I am not really enticed to watch it by simply being supplemental AEW content. It doesn’t really stand out to me much as a standalone brand with its own flavor. I would even be more interested to check it out if it advertised itself as a developmental league, and I think that would be more appropriate to ROH’s role that they historically fulfilled as a presentation of “tomorrow’s stars today.”

The way it is now just comes across as “AEW leftovers” and my cup is pretty filled as an AEW watcher. I don’t need to pay for more of the same.

This guy has tag team wrestler written all over him. Hes one of the most basic wrestlers around. Surprisingly, Men of the Year worked really well and they should have stuck together.

He’s a tag guy for sure, good promo but not the best bell to bell. The North was great for him in that regard, he was the character and Josh was the wrestler.

Remember The Firm? Throw that in the Tony Khan stable graveyard with the Pinnacle, JAS, the Hardy Family Office, the Nightmare Collective, etc etc etc

You can chalk-up the Firm’s collapse to Brawl Out / Punk being injured.

The original plans for the fall of 2022 was build around MJF & The Firm vs Punk and I would presume FTR.

A whole lot would probably have played out differently for Page, had things not gone how they did.

The ability to adjust on the fly is such a weakness for TK. Exact same thing is happening with Undisputed Kingdom - that faction meant absolutely nothing in such a short amount of time.

I mean, the entire purpose of the faction was go be heaters for MJF against Punk.

Given the chaos of the time, changing trajectory to focus on the crowning of a new champion for Grandslam, that year - followed by MJF / BCC, was a much better pivot than Moxley working Big Bill, etc.