REPORT: Jeff Hardy released by WWE

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Jeff Hardy has been released by WWE.

The news of his departure was first reported by Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful.

POST Wrestling has confirmed the departure.

The release stems from Hardy’s performance this past Saturday at a live event in Edinburgh, Texas that resulted in the performer being sent home and ultimately, let go.

Hardy was performing in a six-man tag with Drew McIntyre and Xavier Woods against Roman Reigns & The Usos. Hardy was in the match for a long time and fan footage of the match showed Hardy looking off throughout it.

Hardy eventually made the tag to McIntyre with Hardy disappearing from the ring and going into the crowd for the remainder of the ongoing match. We did receive a report from a fan in attendance who noted that Hardy was taking photos with fans.

Hardy was not present at the following night’s live event in Corpus Christi with Rey Mysterio in his place. was the first to report that Hardy was sent home.

Fightful is reporting that Hardy was offered help by the company, which he reportedly declined and was subsequently released.

Hardy’s first run with the company ended in 2003 under similar circumstances where he was asked to attend rehab and was released when he did not go.

Hardy came back to the company in 2006 and had a major singles run culminating with a World Championship win in December 2008 and became a main event star throughout 2009 before departing his own terms that year. Days after, he was arrested at his home in North Carolina and faced charges of trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possessions of anabolic steroids.

Hardy wrestled for TNA from 2010 until 2017 and made a memorable return with brother Matt at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida in April 2017.

Hardy had been part of the SmackDown brand since the draft in October and recently linked with Drew McIntyre and was scheduled to wrestle Happy Corbin this Friday on the program.

POST Wrestling has reached out to WWE and will update this story as it develops.

We wish Jeff Hardy the best during this time.

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No sympathy for this guy. He doesn’t deserve it anymore. He has gotten chance after chance after chance and continues to fuck up his life and then declines help when they offer it? It’s sad, because he still has a lot to offer. He is still so over and probably would have had a nice little program with Roman.

I’m sure we will eventually see him in AEW teaming back up with Matt and there will be some great matches, but its just going to be another act from him, until the next inevitable fuck up.

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Really disappointing to be back at this road yet again… I’m grateful for all the entertainment Jeff has given me and I hope he figures him self out before it’s too late… reading he declining help is disheartening though.

Reading that’s he declining help is just heartbreaking. I think leaving the business altogether would be best for him and his family at the moment.

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You have to believe he shows up in AEW. Maybe having Matt around will help. He will probably have great matches with the thriving tag team scene. I’m sure when he refused rehab he knew this was in his back pocket after his non compete


No sympathy for him.
Also no blame.
WWE enabled him (as they have with others), never punished him meaningfully for behavior, and probably knew this day would come and didn’t much care. Heck, all the hits for Smackdown plastered on FOX for CFB Playoffs and Sunday Football advertised Hardy for a match this Friday. I’m sure somebody backstage cares more about this egg on the face than Hardy’s well being.
So numb to this pattern with this company. Also numb to Jeff Hardy and his problems. I’d say I hope he gets the help he needs but he’s seemingly incapable and while that is sad, it’s also exploited and overlooked time and time again by promoters and fans alike.


Jeff just isn’t a good fit in the WWE system. I wonder how they feel about mocking his issues in that stupid storyline with Sheamus?


Sad news, but I guess he knew what he was doing?

Hope he has managed to store away some cash to take care of himself.

Great entertainer at his best, but those days had probably passed him.