REPORT: Joey Ryan files multi-million dollar lawsuit against three #SpeakingOut accusers

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Joey Ryan has chosen to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against three women who named him during the #SpeakingOut movement, as first reported by Heel By Nature. A multitude of women came forward during the #SpeakingOut movement and accused Joey Ryan of sexual harassment and/or assault.

According to the report, Ryan filed the lawsuit on 9/24, claiming that these three specific women made false allegations against him which damaged his reputation and livelihood. Heel By Nature obtained a copy of the filing and as it reads, Ryan listed that he lost a great deal of social media followers and lost $3,000 per month from distribution and streaming services via Bar Wrestling which is the promotion he ran. A loss of $3,000 per month from Patreon was listed, as well as Twitch, Cameo and wrestling booking losses.

Ryan is looking for $200,000 in economic damages from each of the three women listed in the lawsuit, multiplied by the amount of months since June 21st. Ryan is also seeking $5,000,000 in non-economic damages and the defendants must retract their statements, as well as inform any website that published the defendants’ statements to delete what was published.

Ryan uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, addressing each of the allegations against him, which has since been made private on his YouTube channel. In the midst of these allegations against Ryan coming to the light, he was fired from IMPACT Wrestling.

Fuck that dork.

A loss of social media followers is one of his reasons…?

Anyway, if they are lying then hopefully they’re made to pay up, if they’re not then this is another example of Ryan being a prick. People aren’t gonna allow him to redeem himself though so I guess he’s past caring about being seen as a prick.

Unfortunately, this was what I figured was going to happen. If Ryan is lying which seems to be probable especially due to the number of accusers, I have to imagine the woman counter sue. Either way, this is going to be so hard to prove, he would need to have proof that they conspired against him and made up the accusations. Not sure how he thinks he will win, unless this is a strategy to get them to back off, which if true is gross.

Without knowing all the details of who is being sued, what they said and when they said it: I don’t know how he can prove that these women are the reason for loss of income. I seem to remember Ryan having close to 20 different accusers (it was a while ago and it was a hectic period). So why did these cause him damages and not the plethora of others?