REPORT: John Laurinaitis back leading WWE's Talent Relations department

Originally published at REPORT: John Laurinaitis back leading WWE's Talent Relations department

John Laurinaitis has been a part of WWE since the early 2000s and since resigning from his position of leading the company’s Talent Relations department, he has worked as a road agent and producer. According to a report from F4WOnline, Laurinaitis is returning to the position of Head of Talent Relations for WWE.

The site notes that he’ll be reporting to Executive Vice President of Operations Brad Blum. Laurinaitis originally took on the position after Jim Ross stepped back from his executive roles in WWE. John held the job from 2004-2012.

Following his consistent on-screen appearances for WWE, Laurinaitis began to sporadically appear over the past several years, including inducting The Bushwhackers into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Raw 25 and cameo appearances in the men’s and women’s Money In The Bank Ladder matches in 2020 that were cinematic-style matches.

It’s noted in the report about that he is starting the role immediately and his title is General Manager of Talent.

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This feels like an oddball hiring. John wasn’t exactly known for having a great relationship with talent. Feels like a big step backwards.

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How about Mark Carrano?

Maybe it’s me, but it just seems like they slap new titles on the same old people, and nothing really changes


I think this is pretty accurate. As long as Vince is in charge and the company is doing well, it’s hard to picture him being motivated to “switch things up”. These are the people he trusts, and these are the people that helped make this company a billion dollar company. Maybe not my first choice, but I understand the logic.