REPORT: John Laurinaitis done with WWE

Originally published at REPORT: John Laurinaitis done with WWE

Mike Johnson of is reporting that John Laurinaitis has been quietly let go by WWE.

Laurinaitis served as WWE’s head of talent relations from 2004-12 and then had a second stint in the role beginning last year until being placed on administrative leave after the first Wall Street Journal report was published in June. Bruce Prichard was placed in an interim role until Paul Levesque was named the new head of talent relations.

The Wall Street Journal uncovered several nondisclosure agreements signed by past female employees with the company regarding alleged misconduct by McMahon and Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis has been affiliated with WWE since 2001 when WCW was purchased and he was among the officials that were hired by WWE and later replaced Jim Ross as its head of talent relations.

POST Wrestling has reached out to WWE officials for confirmation on the status of Laurinaitis and has not received a response yet.

Good…….ideally as many of Vince’s inner circle as possible will slowly (or quickly) leave the company so Hunter can surround himself with his guys.


Here is a guy absolutely no one has ever liked lol. Hard to be that universally hated. Hopefully we never see him again


And not a tear was shed. Guys like Patterson and Brisco (and to a lesser extent, Slaughter and Strongbow) at least had qualifications prior to devolving into yes men. I’ve never heard any good reason why Johnny Ace rose to the position he was in in the first place. I assume there is one, especially since he was never a WWF guy in his wrestling days. Is it enough to just be Animal’s brother?

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I highly doubt it, I remember when WWE brought him on board, The road warriors were at odds with them.

As far as I know, he ended up in WCW in the later days of there existence as an agent. I seem to recall hearing he was known for being good with finishes.

And then I think, after the sale, he started with the company. Basically seems to boil down to a lot of right place, right time.