REPORT: KUSHIDA no longer with WWE

Originally published at REPORT: KUSHIDA no longer with WWE

The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion has been moved to the alumni section of WWE’s website.

As first reported by Fightful, KUSHIDA is no longer with WWE. The site notes that it was indicated to them that his deal expired but it is not known if a new deal was offered or not.

As of this writing, KUSHIDA is listed as ‘alumni’ on WWE’s official website.

Going into the reboot of NXT, KUSHIDA was Cruiserweight Champion but the lost the title to Diamond Mine’s Roderick Strong on the 9/21 show. Following his title loss, KUSHIDA was paired with Ikemen Jiro and they began working as a tag team, collectively known as ‘Jacket Time’.

The two performers were involved in the 2022 men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic but lost in the first round.

After choosing to depart New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2019, KUSHIDA joined WWE later that year. His last WWE took place on the 3/25 episode of ‘Level Up’.

I would have said “Wow!” to this had the writing not been on the wall for a departure like this.

Odd story tagged onto the end of Fightful’s story: Kushida was among the most high profile names to not have a locker early in his NXT run, because the Performance Center was overcrowded.