REPORT: Legado del Fantasma moving to the WWE main roster

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Legado del Fantasma appears to be main roster bound in WWE.

In a report in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it stated that the entire group of Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, and Elektra Lopez are moving up to the main roster.

This past Tuesday’s episode saw Santos Escobar pull up in a vehicle with the other members of the group getting inside and driving off.

A source at NXT confirmed to POST Wrestling that this was designed as the group’s write-off from NXT.

Last week, Escobar lost a match to Tony D’Angelo on the Heatwave special where the stipulation was Escobar would have to leave NXT 2.0 if he lost.

Of the four members, Del Toro has been in the WWE system the longest, joining NXT after participating in the Cruiserweight Classic in the summer of 2016. He previously wrestled as Raul Mendoza before receiving a name change. Joaquin Wilde, who previously wrestled as Zema Ion and DJZ in TNA Wrestling, signed with WWE in 2019 with Escobar also joining WWE that same year. Lopez (Karissa Rivera) was added to the group in the summer of 2021.

I mean, it’s going to sound silly asking this, but WHY didn’t Escobar win the match against D’Angleo two weeks ago. They knew Santos Escobar was getting the call up, but they also knew that he is stronger with LDF then by himself.


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Because more than half of WWE’s audience, doesnt give a fuck about NXT. So it makes no sense to beat the guy you are keeping on NXT, that you are still trying to push over there.

Legado gets a fresh start on the main roster and Santos isnt affected one bit from losing, because all those people didnt even see it happen.

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It’s a weird thing where they (usually) have guys put somebody over on their way out, like they’re leaving the territory to go work for Don Owen in 1979 rather than moving up to a more prominent role in the same organization. All part of the mixed messaging of what NXT actually is in the grand scheme of the company.

Agreed, I would even argue that 90% of their audience don’t give 2.0 shits about NXT at this point. I don’t.

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