REPORT: Leon Ruff signs WWE

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Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began and WWE started running shows out of their Performance Center in Orlando, Leon Ruff has been a part of their programming multiple times as an enhancement talent and has worked on RAW, NXT, SmackDown and had some traditional matches on the 205 Live brand. Per a report from PWInsider, Ruff has signed with the WWE on an NXT deal.

PWInsider adds that Ruff was the first of several former EVOLVE talents to be signed to WWE after WWE acquired the promotion.

Leon Ruff is a former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion alongside AR Fox and he competed under the WWN banner for four years. Ruff had the opportunity to wrestle on the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Show card that was streamed on the WWE Network in the Summer of 2019.

On 7/29, the WWEPC YouTube channel released a video about Leon Ruff which took a look at his journey to how he got where he is now and his relationship with WWE official, Aja Perera. That video has since been pulled from the WWEPC YouTube channel after being posted yesterday.

On July 2nd, PWInsider first reported the news that WWE acquired EVOLVE after several months of negotiations between the two parties. WWE now has ownership of the EVOLVE tape library and the rights to use the EVOLVE brand name and produce EVOLVE events.

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Yes. It was removed just after my post weirdly enough. I posted “I see a wrestler, I see a ref, I see a storyline”. Did I spoil anything ? :slight_smile: