REPORT: Liv Morgan's criminal case in Florida officially closes

Originally published at REPORT: Liv Morgan's criminal case in Florida officially closes

Morgan’s case is closed, per report.

In December 2023, Gionna Daddio a.k.a. Liv Morgan was arrested in Florida on several drug-related possession charges. She was pulled over in Sumter County, Florida and when a sheriff’s deputy approached the vehicle, he detected the smell of marijuana and found a plastic bag of it in addition to a vape pen that had an oily substance inside that tested positive for marijuana. 

Fast forward to present day, PWInsider is reporting that the case is closed. The possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoid charges were dropped in January as the state of Florida could not prove its case. Morgan was scheduled for a hearing on 2/20 to settle the one charge left from the arrest which was the possession of marijuana (no more than 20 grams). 

On 1/31, Morgan’s attorney entered a plea in which the defendant accepts conviction as though a guilty plea was entered against them, but does not officially admit to the charges. Court documents note that Morgan was fined $543. 

After being out of action since the summer of 2023, Morgan returned to WWE as the number 30 entrant in the women’s Royal Rumble. She was in the final three alongside Jade Cargill and the eventual winner, Bayley.

Morgan is scheduled to be in action on the 2/12 Monday Night Raw. She’ll be facing Zoey Stark in a Elimination Chamber qualifying match.