REPORT: Mark Carrano out at WWE, other personnel changes

Originally published at REPORT: Mark Carrano out at WWE, other personnel changes

In a major move by WWE, senior director Mark Carrano has reportedly been let go from his role, per reports.

Wrestling INC was the first to report Carrano’s firing with other outlets confirming the news.

Fightful Select reports that several people from WWE reached out to the site indicating Carrano was the person being blamed for the trash bag incident involving Mickie James. Earlier in the day, James posted a video of her belonging being sent by WWE in a trash bag. This led to public responses from Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon stating the person responsible was fired. WWE has not publicly commented on Carrano’s status or confirmed his role in the incident.

There had been other changes to the talent relations department earlier this week with Mike Johnson of reporting that Director of Talent Relations Nicole Zeoli was no longer with the company. Johnson added that referee John Cone, who worked in the talent relations department as its senior referee, is no longer with the department but will remain as a referee.

Two other departures reported by Johnson are Mead Rust, who served as Vice President of Communications, and Joe Villa, who was the company’s Manager of Publicity and Corporate Communications.

POST Wrestling has reached out to WWE specifically asking about Carrano and will update if we receive a response.

What a strange cascade effect. Not to be glib, but the opening credits to “Monty Python And The Holy Grail” were the first thing that came to mind:

“Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.”


A bad time recently for people named Carrano. First Gina, now Mark.

Is it true that the garbage bag stuff is a hallmark of Johnny ace? Is caranno actually responsible or a fall guy,?

I guess we’ll never know.

Johnny in talent relations and Pritchard in creative. A company going backwards nit forwards

More reports coming out that Carrano was a horrible person…if ture, something was done but took long enough

They fired a guy for putting clothes in a bag…? :joy:

Sounds like an available reality star for AEW to poach for Rhodes To The Top.