Report: Marty Scurll Re-Signs With Ring Of Honor

I don’t see how this is a loss for AEW. They need to establish the names they have now, not add another guy. Even when AEW isn’t involved in a story, some people on here just love to shit on them every chance they get.

Also, good for Marty. Lets see what he can build with being the focal point in ROH.


If we were speaking about free agents in other sports, naturally we’d be discussing the teams that didn’t get the player as the losers in the equation, so there’s some natural reasons for why people speak negatively about AEW in a situation like this (not speaking of those with ill intentions, though). That said, I think Scurll is far more of a difference maker for an ROH than he’d ever be in AEW where plenty of the same archetypes exist. Frankly if AEW weren’t able to make up for not having a Marty Scurll at this point, they’d be in some trouble, which they don’t, and aren’t.

Obviously AEW winds up the odd guys out of this equation (I’m not ready to take Impact seriously in the money game yet), but the positive end of the equation is pretty complete. ROH needs stability and a fresh voice in creative. NWA needs to fill a vacancy in their main event with someone that can be seen at the same level and gravitas of Aldis. And NJPW could use another Jr Heavyweight to replace Ospreay and Shingo in the division while also being an American-based draw they can add to all their US ventures.

Frankly I wonder if this will lead to more non-WWE/AEW free agent talents doing something similar with the 3 companies when it’s fairly easy to fit all of them on a normal appearance schedule.


Some great points by @B_From_NY

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Do you think they will take him off the BTE intro now? Seems silly to keep using him

Why? I’m sure they will have a working relationship with ROH sooner rather than later now.

What benefit is there for AEW to work with ROH? Other than Marty and Dragon Lee?

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The only one I can really think of is if ROH gets used kind of like their NXT/developmental territory. A lot of their talent needs more ring time so if their young talent can go there and get more ring time that could be a good thing for AEW. Then maybe ROH gets access to some AEW big names for their big shows.

Yeah I can see if they want to use it as a D league of sorts. However I don’t really see much talent that AEW would want from them.

TBH if AEW really wants their talent to get better they are far better off partnering with NJPW and sending their talent to Japan to really learn how to work. Then you also get the benefit of the immense star power NJPW has to use.

With ROH the working agreement just doesn’t seem to make as much sense from an AEW standpoint. You also don’t want your big stars wrestling on ROH shows (making them seem less special) and then possibly losing. Unless ROH agrees not to job them but not sure thst helps elevate ROH either.

At least with NJPW the losses are in another country and given the caliber of talent here more understandable

The issue with NJPW for that purpose is that the talent would be hard pressed to do both shows. I’m looking at it more like they would work ROH shows in addition to appearances on Dynamite or Dark. Teams like Private Party aren’t working every week for example but they probably should be.

So many guys signed with AEW because of the schedule and work/life balance it was going to provide. Good luck shipping guys out to Japan now for long tours. Don’t see that being a selling point for talent signing with AEW. More likely they work USA dates with NJPW USA

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Yeah but I think some of them need to learn. The girls need to goto japan. You can’t let Britt Baker keep wrestling being as useless as she is once every two weeks

But she won’t go because she has a dental practice. So she needs work that can be done without going to Japan.

its Pretty hard to keep an ongoing dental
Practice and also expect to be a top tier women’s wrestler. That’s not really having your heart in it.

If she wants to do both then I think she needs to be pushed down the card as she will never put the time in to get better

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I would agree with this.

Even if she is working full time out of somebody’s office and just taking a few patients a week, that is time spent not preparing her body and mind for wrestling at the highest level which is national TV. Really odd IMO

Shoulda gone to NXT with her hubby. No sarcasm. Was the better place for her. As a Woman in Undisputed Era, with potential to have mixed matches vs Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling. Getting to work local shows in Florida where NXT tours. Much better use.

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That may be the case but I think wanting to do both is why she is in AEW and not NXT. If she wanted to wrestle full time NXT seems the natural fit (or the PC) as she lives in Orlando already and is the girl friend of the NXT champ and friends with people on that roster. AEW made it very clear that people having other jobs was going to be a thing on their roster, they have very little “full time talent”. My understanding was unless you had a back stage role you were not really “full time” I mean without some sort of AEW PC how can working one day a week be a full time job.

I think the dental practice is why she doesn’t the NXT talent are full time as far as I’m aware so she could not do both. If she were full time I fully agree.

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But then how does she get better?

She’s terrible right now. She shouldn’t really be on a TV now.

Yet she gets pushed. Because if you don’t and she’s a jobber like she should be then she goes to NXT and they don’t want that. Yet she refuses to put the time in to get better.

So it’s an odd spot of letting a women wrestle at the top who won’t get better and won’t get depushed for it.

That is a large part of what’s wrong their women’s division. You can’t have people treating it like a part time hobby when they are at the top

She gets better by wrestling more and working on it. For their current division she isn’t bad, the whole division is bad. But if she was working some dates in ROH to get more experience it would help. But she isn’t going to do a long term stint in Japan, most of their talent won’t it isn’t realistic. So having a promotion to be like NXT or Evolve is for WWE would be helpful to AEW as lots of their talent is young and needs more experince.

I’m not sure ROH wants to be labelled as a developmental property. But who knows

Depends on what they get in exchange. I mean this is all hypothetical, but I would think that if they got Cody, Kenny, etc for their big shows they wouldn’t be broken up about featuring acts like Private party/Baker/Jurassic Express etc at their live shows. I think that the development of talent is really the only thing AEW would want from ROH. Other than that I see no reason for the 2 to work together.