REPORT: Millie McKenzie signs with WWE, joining NXT UK brand

Originally published at REPORT: Millie McKenzie signs with WWE, joining NXT UK brand

Millie McKenzie has signed with WWE and will be joining the NXT UK brand, as first reported by talkSPORT.

McKenzie was a regular for RIPTIDE, PROGRESS, Pro-Wrestling: EVE and several more promotions across the United Kingdom. The 20-year old has competed for NXT UK in the past as she wrestled in two televised matches for the brand in 2018, one of which being a NXT UK Women’s Title tournament match.

During the summer of 2020 as the #SpeakingOut movement was ongoing, McKenzie opened up about former NXT UK talent Travis Banks being emotionally abusive towards her during their relationship while Millie was 17-years of age. Banks responded to the claims via a statement on social media and said their friendship developed into a consensual relationship. Banks was released from WWE in June.

WWE recently signed Meiko Satomura and she is a part of NXT UK as well. On last week’s program, Satomura scored a win in her in-ring debut and afterwards, stated during a backstage interview that she is ready for NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

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Glad to see a victim of abuse want to/be able to continue her career in the aftermath of the event. So many women either lose the desire (for many reasons) or wind up walled off from normal opportunities after being open with allegations in the professional world. Just as much, also not having to share the same locker room as the abuser going forward, something in another era that may have not occurred.

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Add Taya Valkyrie as well if other news sites are to be trusted.

Yep, the signings of Taya, Blake Christian, and Harlem Bravado were mentioned in a previous news update.