REPORT: Retribution members test negative, must quarantine for two weeks

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A new report states that the five members of Retribution have been affected by the recent COVID-19 outbreak in WWE resulting in the group quarantining for 14 days.

Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that T-Bar (Dominik Dijakovic), Mace (Dio Maddin), Slapjack (Shane Thorne), Reckoning (Mia Yim), and Retaliation (Mercedes Martinez) have all tested negative for COVID-19 but will have to quarantine for 14 days after coming into contact with someone that was positive for the virus.

It is not known when the quarantine period would have begun and when they are eligible to return. The group has not appeared on WWE programming since last Monday’s Raw on September 21st.

Regarding RETRIBUTION not being cleared to compete at the moment, sources tell me all 5 members tested negative for COVID-19. However, the group’s members each have to quarantine themselves for two weeks because they came into proximity with someone who tested positive.

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) September 28, 2020

It was first reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on the Sunday Night’s Main Event program that the COVID-19 outbreak may have impacted the group. Meltzer stated there was “more than a chance” that was the reason they didn’t appear on the Clash of Champions show and that there were members of the group not cleared.

Sloppy. Shop.

How devastating for the group after they just were signed to WWE contracts.

(Is that really the names they gave Yim and Martinez :laughing:)

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Contract tracing and proactively quarantining people even after testing negative. So sloppy…


The outbreak originated at NXT and the PC, so yeah it’s sloppy.

Outside of Twitter trolls, I’d be surprised if anyone actually called this sloppy. I get blaming WWE for a lot of the BS they try to get away with/do get away with, but this appears to have been handled very well.

Yeah but we’ve been over that. You’re just reiterating it here because you clearly have an anti-WWE agenda on this board.

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So they were responsible for what happened at NXT and the PC but it’s not sloppy?


The only new information in this thread was that they contract traced and quarantined healthy individuals as a precaution. You’re just sniping at WWE because it’s what you do.

Just stop watching.


Wrong. They tested negative for now. There’s a chance they may test positive in the future because of the sloppiness at WWE. Sorry but it’s a sloppy shop.

I don’t like the person I become when I read your shit. Not good for my mental health. I apologize for engaging.


Disregard my comment about who would say sloppy, I wasn’t privy to everything being posted. Seeing what you have said since, I understand your response now.

No big loss, if they want to keep on doing the Retribution angle, they can just use the 13 million other members that go in and beat up the “Superstars” on a weekly basis.

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Agreed, given the gimmick, they can easily continue without having the main group in the actual building.

How is this sloppy? It was sloppy the first time when they were only doing temperature tests and nothing else, yes. But ever since they are doing way better.

Infections are bound to happen.

Being in WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW - simple as that. Question is what you do to try and prevent spreading it through your entire roster - quarantining a member that was in a contact but tested negative is actually smart, as the positive test can come out on him a week later, as far as I’ve learned.

Also, it is not sloppy on WWE’s part that talent threw a party, people went and infection spread. It’s on the said talent. Yet - we are all people and want to go out and chill a bit. You can’t live in stress all the time. You need to let some steam go.

Now, you can make the argument that WWE are taking this precaution because this is an mid-undercard and not an ME act, so it is easier to write them off TV, but we don’t have the proof that they did/do this for ME guys too.

You can call WWE anything but sloppy in this case. I’d say that they’ve actually acted really smart and professional considering what we know.


Completely disagree there. Especially when it’s WWE trainers partying. I don’t know anyone who goes out and parties since the pandemic happened. These were WWE employees and “independent contractors” risking infection by partying. It’s stupid


You serious? You haven’t read the news? Never heard that people are people?

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: how is it WWE’s fault that for once they are not commanding/micromanaging what their talent are doing outside from work, in their PERSONAL time? Ever come to your mind that most of those people are actually friends, aside from trainees, and can go to or throw parties/hang together outside from work? Especially this year, where I’m pretty sure their outside the PC contacts are at bare minimum.

I don’t know if I’m going to have to disagree here, partci.

Today, cases of a second wave here in Ontario have shown their ugly faces: 700.

People who go out to party and participate in watching illegal racing in large crowds have contributed to that problem.

Now I’m told that the virus has mutated into something very disgusting. I think, this time, you’ll have to hand it to TheBenjamin again. I reluctantly do this, but in this case I think I have to.


I just want to clarify what you are saying. Are you saying that people going out and partying is negligent? If so, I 100% agree. Or are you saying that its WWE’s responsibility to stop their talent from partying on their free time? If so, I can’t get on board with that. I think this place pretty much unanimously agrees that WWE attempts to control their talent too much, with this being the case, I dont see how controlling what their talent is doing outside of work is now something people expect them to do, and are putting on them.

Or am I misrepresenting what you are saying?

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I’ll clarify for you. You’re right, WWE can’t do this all their time; they’re not babysitters. However, they are responsible for doing their part to make sure the environment is a safe place to work in.

If you have a roster full of sick people, chances are you won’t be able to run your promotion for long.

And they quarantined the persons in question, so what’s your point again.