REPORT: Ricochet gives notice to WWE that he intends to exit company when contract expires

Originally published at REPORT: Ricochet gives notice to WWE that he intends to exit company when contract expires

A new career move for Ricochet. 

According to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, multiple sources confirmed to the outlet that Ricochet gave notice to WWE that he intends to leave the company when his contract expires this summer. The site notes that he’ll be written out of storylines. He is a member of the Raw roster.

An episode of WWE Speed was taped on June 7th in Ricochet’s home state of Kentucky. He lost the Speed Championship to Andrade. 

Ricochet joined WWE in 2018 and debuted at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Throughout his years with the company, he’s held the Intercontinental, United States, North American and Speed Titles. 

During an interview with, AEW’s Will Ospreay expressed that he gets sad when he sees Ricochet’s positioning on WWE television and hoped he was happy. He added that he thought Ricochet’s contract would be up soon and wants him to know there are people who appreciate his work.

This is how wrestling should be. If you’re a midcard guy and you have hit your ceiling, it’s time to move on. Ethan Page did the same thing. The days of Dolph Ziggler and the Miz sticking around forever are likely over.

So I’m guessing Ospreay vs Ricochet at All In.


Probably his best move, he’s pretty much hit his ceiling and it’s a mid care role at best. Hunter has definitely used him better then Vince, but he needs a fresh coat of paint.

Definitely agree.

Top three for All In for me would be:
World title - Swerve vs. a heel Hangman
Continental Crown - Okada vs. Omega
International - Ospreay vs. Ricochet

All three have a history and all three had amazing earlier matches.


Great news. He is a main event talent and has never been treated that way by WWE.

I feel that if Riccochet wants to be a main eventer in AEW, he needs to go to AEW. If he wants to be a main eventer in WWE, he needs to go to AEW. His path to being a main eventer has to go through AEW.

Ive said it a million times, this is what I love about having two legitimate top companies. If you are a person who is just stuck (ie. Cody, Riccochet etc.) you have another option to get yourself moving in the right direction.



I also think Ricochet fits AEW as well as Ethan Page fits into WWE. Both companies value different things and I think each one of those people have found (or are looking to find) a better fit.


100% agree. I also cannot wait to see him and Ospreay face off in an AEW ring. I’ve seen some highlights on IG of their past matches, but never seen the entire match. You can just tell its going to be something special.

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I’ll be a wet blanket and say I was really hoping WWE would make Ricochet work out, because I don’t have a strong desire for him in AEW. He can do amazing things in the ring but so can a lot of guys in AEW. I don’t have a lot of faith that he’ll have much to offer as far as promos and character work go.

Poor Vader will roll over in his grave

Do you trust TK not to just hype him up and then have him lose like Komander and Action?

I just have no faith in him anymore

His girlfriend is more over than he is, no loss at all. Just hope Samantha Irvin doesn’t leave too!


Since NXT became a thing, thete’s a long list of guys who WWE has misused, or under-used, or whatever else. But there’s a short list of true “fumbles”. Ricochet is a fumble. I don’t care if you wanna use them as a midcard job guy, how do you have that guy and not put him on TV at least twice as much as they did over the years?


The investment in signing Ricochet will be much higher than those listed. And just on that basis alone, will be treated with some amount of priority.

In terms of betting on himself, I can appreciate why Ricochet is leaving. He is somebody who came up with a crop of talent who followed the initial indie boom of the early 2000’s. He climbed the ladder from smaller indies, to the like of DG USA and Evolve. He became an international star. He got on TV with Lucha Underground, and became a top star there. He has legendary matches that people still talk about to this day, throughout this run.

He signs with WWE, joins NXT, has great expectations… Goes to the main roster… and more or less has a nothing run for six years.

Maybe he not the best on the mic, but during the mid to late 2010’s, he was in the conversation for one of the best bell to bell workers in the world.

He had a work ethic where he climbed the ladder and pushed himself. He’s not somebody who, like say a Dolph Ziggler, who was content for 15+ years, collecting a paycheck for a utility role.

All this to say, I’m excited to see Ricochet push himself further, and to see if he still has it in him to be in that conversation for best bell to bell still.

I was a huge fan until the Brock match. I was really disappointed in him during that and it killed him for me.

WWE has really upped their in ring work with Seth and Gunther etc so while Ricochet is amazing in ring and athletic he’s not the only one anymore.

I also feel his flippy style fits better in AEW. He’s a small guy who relies on some willing suspension of disbelief. That’s basically half of their roster.

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I agree. Samantha is way more valuable than him and I’m hoping she doesn’t leave as well.

I don’t think she will. I think she is beloved enough there and if anything I think she’d rather leave him the WWE (I hope at least)

AEW hover is known for this kind of crap. They basically fired Dasha so they could bring in MJF’s girlfriend of the month and give her a job

And that’s why I am excited to see what he can do. He’s doing this from a place of wanting to push himself further and prove people’s accepted perception of him, wrong.

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Unless you know something I don’t, this article from February says they had been together for a year. So 16 months or so now.

So while your comment is misogynistic and inappropriate to begin with, it’s also factually incorrect.


He was with another girl and dumped her before this as was an angle on TV.

Fine he’s moved on and I didn’t know they had been together that long, but it’s no coincidence they fire Dasha and MJF signs a new deal and she’s on TV now

Yes I agree. For him it’s the riskier route but potentially more upside. Good for him

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