REPORT: Ricochet gives notice to WWE that he intends to exit company when contract expires

Yeah, nobody really knows. I mean, we know that edge, Okada, Mone, osprey and MJF are all going to be well over $2 million each. Are they 3 million 4 million 10 million who knows.

So essentially everyone here is guessing on what both Tony Khan and Hunter are offering, what budgets (if any) they are following, what has been offered, as well as what talents are looking for. This is all guess work.

Read an article just now on Matt Duchene where he talks about wanting to re-sign with the Dallas Stars. He talks about three reasons for where he signs….family, hockey, and money. I think sometimes we as fans get wrapped up into one of these things, and then project our feelings on to the talent and/or the person doing the signing. In the real world it’s usually a more complex decision.


Well said.

Where we want wrestlers to go (based on style and matchups et ) doesn’t factor in workload and travel and other things.

Of course Ricochet on the surface would be better suited to AEW

Mone is better in WWE and many people wanted Okada in WWE for fresh matchups.

But so much more matters to them then it does to us.

I don’t begrudge anyone for the choices that they make

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