Report: Ricochet has no scheduled dates in WWE after tonight's Raw

Originally published at Report: Ricochet has no scheduled dates in WWE after tonight's Raw

Recent reports suggest that Ricochet might be down to his final WWE bookings.

PWInsider reported Monday that Ricochet is scheduled to make his final WWE appearance this week on Raw, with no further dates booked for him afterward. He could remain with the company pending a new offer, although reports suggest that he currently plans to depart from the promotion.

The report came out after previous stories stated that Ricochet’s WWE run might be coming to an end soon. Earlier this week, PWInsider wrote that Ricochet “intends to leave the company” once his contract is up.

A Fightful Select report on Sunday stated that it was “very likely” that Ricochet would leave WWE, while Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said the situation was “up in the air.”

Ricochet joined the WWE roster in 2018 after gaining critical acclaim for his work on the independent scene and with NJPW. After a brief NXT stint, he started to make appearances on main WWE brand programming by early 2019. He has racked up nearly 200 in-ring TV bouts since then.

After previous runs with the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship, Ricochet recently became the main figure surrounding WWE’s new Speed web series. He captured the WWE Speed Championship in April with a win over Johnny Gargano and defended it once before dropping it to Andrade.

So Dave was wrong on a breaking news story. So shocking


Not saying this is what happened here, but Dave has become the easiest mark in the wrestling journalism space. He’s got a huge platform and – regardless of how nuanced his full article might be – he will go on Twitter and defend his information relentlessly and with the fire of 1,000 suns.


It clearly seems like the story broke, his WWE sources were quick to respond with a “Not so fast! He may stick around”. And then yeah…

I appreciate Dave having close relationships with several powerbrokers in wrestling, but he’s also been played by those people recently plenty.

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Completely. Dave would have been better to either ignore the story or just credit PWInsider. Looks like such a fool now

Daves says of having scoops seem numbered. PWI and SRS and John P seem to drop way more news nowadays

If they actually (and intentionally) gave him his sendoff to AEW by dropping him on a car windshield like Jack Perry, that’s some petty shit… meaning I love it, but it’s still counterproductive if you’re WWE. Too much of the focus and discussion is already on Ricochet rather than Bron.

Petty in the sense that they chose to send him off by slamming him onto a car or that they sent him off in the first place? Because I don’t really see it as petty, myself. He’s been on TV regularly enough that if you care about continuity at all you gotta do something to put him away. If Bron just speared him again and that was the end of it, Ricochet’s departure would still be the story, there’s not really any way around that. I appreciate that they wrote him off in an explosive way that explains why he’s GONE gone, and in a way that benefits Bron’s unhinged character. Maybe I’m wrong but this just doesn’t read as petty to me as much as it is simply serving the continuity of their TV show. It sounds like a perfect sendoff to me, really.

As for Dave, he’s seemed pretty far gone for a while now unfortunately.

I would’ve done much worse to him if it were me.

I would’ve totally had Samantha humiliate him and kick him in the nuts.

Then I would’ve had commentary bury him for wanting to go perform it for a 1500 fans because he couldn’t cut it in front of a larger audience. Then would’ve had Bron staple AEW to his forehead at the end of that and throw in the back of an ambulance.

I will say I do miss some of that kind of stuff Vince days. Everyone is too nice now :joy:

That fact that WWE hasn’t created a goofy looking Rick Mornais character who snorts coke and yells Sickos and books matches with no storyline all the while hiding and stealing money from his dad and saying stuff like “I can’t wait to perform in front of 2000 fans on Wed” while being reminded it’s 10k on a Monday is beyond me

It writes itself. No one has ever been as mockable as TK and they don’t touch it.

Imagine the Billionaire Ted stuff with him

Petty if it was an intentional nod to AEW. Scrolling around Twitter this morning, that specific spot is taking even more of the focus off Bron and putting it on Ricochet leaving.

In general, I am very OK with sending somebody out by using them to put over a heavily pushed member of the roster. That’s how it’s supposed to go.

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I don’t know sounds like a stretch to me. Maybe I’m slow (I am slow) but I don’t really read what the messaging would be behind that? Like the car window, by association to Jack Perry equals AEW and thus, Bron Breakker is sending Ricochet to AEW? Is that the equation here? If it is I still don’t really see how that’s a “shot fired” as much as it is just some contrived symbolism.

I don’t know. All of CM Punk’s “cool” references to AEW were met with complete silence by WWE audiences. I doubt anyone would react. Would be a waste of time

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Yeah, you might be right. I was thinking the reason they haven’t done it because I don’t think enough people know who Tony Kahn is or what his demeanour is like.

I mean he is a bit of a cartoon character come to life, but if people don’t get the references, then you’re only booking for the sickos and we already have one promoter who does that

Turner had “fuck you” money. He could spend wild amounts of money to compete with WWE.

Tony has “fuck me” money. He can do the above, plus things to piss off WWE that don’t even benefit him, and not take a financial hit.

Don’t mess with somebody with “fuck me” money.

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He can, but keep in mind his dad is the owner (or maybe it’s co-owner I’m not sure) of AEW, and at some point if he’s just spending wildly that free reign will go away.