REPORT: Roman Reigns versus Logan Paul expected at Crown Jewel

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A match between WWE Undisputed Universal champion Roman Reigns and Logan Paul is reportedly set for Crown Jewel.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the match is planned for the November 5th event when the company returns to Saudi Arabia.

This follows an appearance by Reigns on Paul’s Impaulsive podcast earlier this week and an online exchange between Logan Paul and Paul Heyman leading to tonight’s appearance on Friday Night SmackDown.

The Observer report adds that a press conference to promote the match is scheduled for Saturday in Las Vegas, the same day and city as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin’s fight later that evening.

It will be Paul’s first match since SummerSlam after announcing that he had signed a deal with WWE with the company announcing the signing this past June.

Paul has been involved with the past two WrestleMania events in Tampa and Dallas.

Dave hyped this “Major news about to break”. :joy:

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I don’t care either, but Dave covers the wrestling business. It is major news.

I don’t know it is pretty major to have a massive celebrity in Logan Paul facing Roman reigns

Just like it’s perfectly reasonable for you not to care. But I’m sure somebody does and he is a big name


This is not major news lol

Or maybe I don’t give two shits

Interesting…am I looking forward to this match, meh. Paul did awesome at Mania and at SS, but I think it is going to be diminishing returns with him, similar to Shane. With that said, him facing Reigns is going to be get a huge amount of media attention so I get why they are doing it. If they are going to do a match like this, I would much rather it be in Saudi Arabia then at a Mania or at another major PLE (ughh I hate that that term lol).

I can’t say I hate the idea.

I think its the latter as this is major news. Paul is a big deal, love him or hate him.

Paul couldn’t draw with Mayweather so I don’t see this being much of a difference maker or creating any extra interest

It’s not about drawing in the traditional sense. The tickets are given to locals for dirt cheap and show is often in the afternoon. It’s more about keeping KSA happy and maybe they requested this.

MBS likes old wrestlers (he’s asked for Macho Man before) and big stars in combat sports (why they bring Goldberg and Michaels back and also Cain)

The purpose of this show is to draw more attention to the KSA as putting on major sporting events and being a world leader in this. It’s to put over SA and the KSA and MBS basically.

Having this sort of match fits perfectly

I mean, when Logan Paul “fought” Floyd, they did 1mil buys for a fake fight featuring a retired boxer and a YouTuber. Love him or hate him, guy get attention which is why WWE is doing it.

Oh I know that. Just think they are completely overestimating the publics interest in watching a “celebrity” fake fight for a world title. Again, the Mayweather number was pathetic for a Mayweather fight, this will be a fraction of that.

I don’t even think it’s about public interest. It’s about media interest and coverage. If they get press putting over KSA that’s good enough. If people don’t tune in or care or buy tickets (non issue given how tickets are managed) that’s not as important for this show.

Like literally no one can watch it but if they get some good press KSA will be happy.

I mean look how much the Roman press conference comments have already gotten traction

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Every time I think maybe it would be worth giving WWE another go they do something like this to show it’s not a product for me


Exactly…this was all over Social Media today. They are trying to generate buzz which is exactly what is expected of them for these shows. Its not like Paul is going to win, so if they want to do a match like this in Saudi, I don’t have an issue (not that I want to see it either).

I think I already said this, but I would much rather them do a match like this at this show then an actual big show.

If WWE is not your thing, that’s cool. But I wouldn’t base watching or not watching a product based on a celebrity match. That would be like someone not watching AEW because Shaq was in a big match. Its the Saudi show, it doesn’t matter as these shows are what they are. Now if you don’t watch because they are doing the Saudi shows, that I would get.

Yeah I don’t think it is. I watched a 45 minute highlight show we get for free in the UK yesterday and seeing Braun Strowman destroy the whole tag division, then D.Priest and edge wearing lots of 80s/90s leather followed by a Miz main event just completely turned me back off again for 6 months.

The Saudi shows are disgusting and yeah I agree with you. It’s good if they just make it a gimmick show so you can switch off as well.

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If this is one of the things you are even commenting on, then I am not sure why you are even bothering to watch, because it just comes off like you dont even want to like the show. They had a pretty good match in Toronto and this is what you pick out about them?

In the episode I watched Edge did a promo in some very tight pants and Priest had a boring match with Ray.

Its a very formulaic style in WWE. I see people say they hate the flips and kick outs in AEW. They’re 2 very different styles of wrestling and I guess some like one and some the other.

I want to like WWE…I just don’t though in its current style.

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Why does the fitting of Edges pants matter to your enjoyment? Who cares what him or anyone is wearing, unless it is something totally ridiculous like the mask they gave to Kross.

I watch WWE, I dont like the WWE style in ring, but if I ever grt to a point where I am complaining about what type of pants a guy wears, I think it will be time to step away.

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