REPORT: Roman Reigns versus Logan Paul expected at Crown Jewel

Ha ha, I stepped away a long time ago. I just stepped back in briefly coz I’m hearing so much positive stuff.

I guess what people are wearing does effect my enjoyment. Damien Priest seems decent but when hes wearing clothes that are too small for him and very shinny I just can’t dig it. It probably says more about me…

My original point though was that I turned on to see what the big deal is right now and Miz is still headlining Raw, the characters are still being dressed up - in what I would call a dated way and the wrestling hasn’t improved massively IMO. It was one show but yeah as you suggested, I think I’ll be stepping away again and I’ll stick with AEW which is a much superior product for my taste.

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Damian Priest’s pants are pretty terrible

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Thanks Ben :+1: good to know it’s not just me