Report: Samoa Joe suffers an injury while filming a commercial

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Former two-time WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe was last in action on the February 10th episode of Monday Night RAW and it was on the January 27th episode of the program that Joe suffered a concussion during a RAW Tag Team Title match. Joe will be out of action once again as Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that he suffered an injury while shooting a commercial.

It is noted in the report that the injury occurred last week when Joe hit his head during a table break as a stunt was being filmed. Sources told the site that Joe could be out of action for a considerable amount of time.

Joe has been on RAW and/or SmackDown since 2017 and has captured the United States title and challenged for the WWE and Universal Championships on multiple occasions. He was in the midst of a feud with Seth Rollins, Murphy and AOP (Akam & Rezar) as Joe aligned himself with Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik ).

From September of 2019 to January of 2020, Samoa Joe was not wrestling due to injury and for several weeks, he did commentary for the RAW brand and called pay-per-view events as well.

Dude feels snake bitten in WWE. Has he had a Mania match yet?

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He faced Rey last year at Mania. I think that match was like 2 mins long.

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Maybe they shouldn’t have wasted two years of his career in NXT when he could have easily started on the main roster as soon as he was signed.

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58 seconds, to be exact. It was when Rey was reported to have an injury (knee injury I believe).

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whoops…I was at that Mania…like I said, snake bitten. Shame, too because a big Joe program at Mania is something the guy deserves. Was hopeful he would get the Tag Title shot w/ KO but now I’m sure we’ll just get a KO v Seth match (sigh)

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& people thought KENTA had an injury ridden wwe run.
Hope Joe is back in time for a spot on Mania.
He deserves it😊

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I hope he knows when to walk away. Being this injury prone, especially with repeated concussions, is never a good sign.

There are 100 variables I don’t know about the situation, but here what I do know. I work with athletes. I help create promotional material with athletes. If an athlete was ever injured while on my watch, regardless of how game he was to participate, I’d be lucky to have a job the next day.

I’m not advocating for somebody to fired (again, I don’t know all of the details), but it sounds like Joe took a “real” table bump for a commercial, and that would be an f’n stupid decision by Joe and likely some others on the WWE payroll.

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Someone should be fired over this - either Joe or the idiot producer who made him do it.

If this was indeed during a commercial or something of that nature - this also brings up questions that should be aimed at the “independent contractor” status. These guys are doing TV ads, with apparent stunts involved - yet cannot seem to get any sort of union protection - and it’s for whatever reason WWE talent doesn’t qualify for SAG.

WWE as a company needs to decide if they are Disney, or a wrestling promotion. You can’t be both for whenever it suits you.

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Maybe I’m not. But if this is a workplace injury while doing work on a promotional piece / TV ad - then the company is responsible and needs to pay up.