REPORT: Sarray departing WWE

Originally published at REPORT: Sarray departing WWE

Sarray is heading back to Japan after wrapping up with WWE. 

According to Tokyo Sports, Sarray is departing the WWE after her contract expires. After she becomes a free agent, she’ll be heading back to Japan to resume her in-ring career. 

Her return bout is scheduled for May 16th at an event titled ‘Sareee-ism’ at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo. ‘Sareee’ is the name she was using prior to joining WWE. 

A press conference is taking place on March 13th to formally announce the news. 

She joined WWE shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. Her move to the USA was delayed and in that summer of that year, she received permission from WWE to continue wrestling in Japan while under contract.

Sarray debuted at a house show in April 2021 and has not wrestled for WWE since August 2nd, 2022.

What I saw of her was solid, but I don’t think her Supergirl gimmick during NXT 2.0 had much legs. Glad she can still continue her career comfortably.