REPORT: Several positive COVID-19 tests in WWE, updated schedule

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Several reports have come out regarding multiple positive tests for COVID-19 last week in WWE in conjunction with the recent set of television tapings in Florida.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that multiple people who have been at the company’s Performance Center have tested positive, including in-ring talent.

No names have been reported that tested positive.

Satin adds that WWE’s medical staff will conduct more testing before the next series of tapings.

POST Wrestling was informed by one source that talent and crew were informed on Tuesday night that they would have to arrive early this week as testing will be conducted prior to the tapings taking place Friday and Saturday. A second person we spoke with noted they were tested today (Wednesday) with testing taking place on Thursday, as well.

Multiple sources noted that the new schedule will see double tapings of SmackDown & Raw on both Friday and Saturday this week.

WWE issued the following statement to POST Wrestling when asked about the reports of the positive cases:

WWE will continue COVID-19 testing of its talent, production crew and employees in advance of TV productions for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 testing was introduced for WWE talent and staff after a positive case was revealed last Monday involving an unnamed developmental performer. Talent and staff were tested last Tuesday on June 16th with the taping of this week’s Raw delayed by one day. The scheduled taping of SmackDown was removed from last week’s schedule and is set to be taped this Friday to air that night on Fox.

You reap what you sow.

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Shut it down! I don’t know one person who’s job wasn’t impacted at least for a period of time because of the pandemic. When does the fake world of wrestling finally accept the real world? There are more new cases in the state of Florida right now than in my entire country. They don’t have to shut down forever but please respect human beings and their lives. This company has hundreds of thousands of hours of archival footage and the ability to do tons of interesting pieces remotely. Get creative and until Florida gets better like many countries are right now shut it down!

Can’t really say I’m surprised I mean it’s just common sense. I don’t think they allow that in Florida.

I had the virus. It’s no joke.

So I hope HHH will now say that what precautions they’re taking doesn’t work. What a surprise…

Zero chance they shut it down, especially considering the entire country is opening back up. Maybe they get creative for a couple weeks, but unless everyone has it, I would guess zero chance of a shutdown.

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I agree with Kliq. Do you have to get the military to shut WWE down & even if you tried, Vince & Hunter would be in their own tank doing crotch chops.

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TBH, the Florida Mayor doesn’t seem to be bothered.

If there was ever a time for all the top stars to band together, then surely this is it. You’d have to think that these performers have families. They need to their collective foot down regarding testing.

I can certainly see both WWE and AEW doing mass tapings.

Also if I was AEW, I would cancel Dark for the time being and maybe experiment one week where they air The Stadium Stampede match along with a making off that match befoehandd (If they have making off footage)

I wouldn’t have people in crowds but it’s possible I’m over-reacting.

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