REPORT: Tama Tonga joining WWE

Originally published at REPORT: Tama Tonga joining WWE

The multi-time IWGP Tag Team Champion is headed to WWE, per report. 

According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, WWE sources confirmed to the outlet that Tama Tonga is headed to the sports entertainment company. 

Tama spent a total of 14 years with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and in January, after capturing the NEVER Openweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom, he told the media that it would be his final month with NJPW. 

He explained that he wants to be with his family more and does not want to continue missing out on his children growing up in addition to wanting to be with his wife. 

His final match for NJPW took place at The New Beginning in Sapporo. He teamed with his brother Tanga Loa and they fell in defeat to El Phantasmo and Tama and Tanga’s younger brother, Hikuleo. 



Can anyone explain how is he related to the bloodline?

If I’m not mistaken the family or The Rock specifically counts Haku as his uncle and therefore his sons whether adopted or not are in. Although I guess Haku is Tama’s blood uncle and adpoted dad. Its all a bit confusing. :rofl::rofl:

He’s not really.

Does he claim to be in the family? I dont watch NJPW so I’m really not too familiar with him.

  1. The Rock has always referred to Hakt/Meng as “Uncle”. The Rock’s Dad ‘Rocky Johnson’ looked after Haku when Haku was first breaking into the business. So Haku paid it forward with The Rock as respect to The Rock’s Dad, by looking after The Rock when he was breaking into the businss. Haku leant Rock a pair of trunks before The Rock’s WWE tryout. So there is no ‘Blood’ relation between The Rock and Haku.
  2. Tama Tonga is the adopted son of Haku. Hikuleo is Tama Tonga’s biological brother, and was also adopted by Haku. Tanga Loa (Camacho) is Haku’s biological son.

So the relation to the ‘Bloodline’ would be that Tama Tong would be the son of ‘My Uncle Haku’

Give me a segment with Tama Tonga, The Rock, Romain Reigns and Haku


I don’t know how well Haku gets around these days, but I am preemptively marking out for a Tongan Death Grip on Heyman.