REPORT: Toni Storm departs WWE

Originally published at REPORT: Toni Storm departs WWE

Toni Storm and WWE have parted ways, according to a report.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful is reporting that Storm is no longer with the company, although it is unknown what the circumstances were. Fightful adds that it’s believed she requested her release with an internal memo not listing “budget cuts”, which is the usual reason provided when the company makes a release.

POST Wrestling was told by one source in the company that Storm is no longer with WWE but was still awaiting additional information on what led to the departure.

A separate WWE official did confirm to POST Wrestling that she has been released.

Storm (Toni Rossall), 26, first appeared for the company in the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017 and signed the following year after wrestling for promotions including STARDOM and Progress Wrestling.

She was assigned to the NXT UK brand where she became the group’s women’s champion in January 2019 before moving to the NXT brand in the United States.

Storm moved to SmackDown this past summer but was not being used much until her program with Charlotte Flair began.

Storm challenged for Flair’s women’s title on the December 24th episode of SmackDown, which was taped the week prior in Chicago where Flair pinned Storm to retain the title.


The end to her match with Charlotte looked like a double pin, but they didn’t call attention to it on show. Maybe something was known?

Odds she goes to AEW? 100 percent or higher ? :joy:

Reports are saying she requested her release. Too bad, she was a fresh face and I really enjoyed that match on Friday.

Rightly used Toni Storm equals money. Charisma, looks and in ring is great. I don’t know how good she can be on the mic uncripted though.

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Regardless of the laugh react, AEW could definitely benefit from having her.

Sorry I’m not laughing at her being released. I think she quit so it’s probably for the best. I’m laughing because the chance that AEW does not take someone of her talent is virtually zero

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Too many people with accents on the main roster, it’s confusing for Vince and Kevin Dunn.

She’s another in a longggggg line of NXT talent who they have no clue how to book. She was doomed the second she got some gimmick that she liked 80s music.

I’m sure getting pies on the face and then chasing the 24/7 title on a house show made her realize she was one and done in the title scene


Haha probably right, though thats a cheap pop on this board :rofl: