REPORT: William Regal wraps up with AEW, finalizing new deal with WWE

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William Regal heading back to WWE, per report. 

Following William Regal’s on-screen betrayal of Jon Moxley at Full Gear to assist MJF in becoming AEW World Champion, there was a segment on Dynamite with MJF and Regal. That segment concluded with MJF ambushing Regal from behind and the former Blackpool Combat Club member being taken away in an ambulance. 

Per Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Regal is ‘effectively done’ with All Elite Wrestling. In addition to that note, PWInsider added that Regal is finalizing a new deal with WWE. 

This past January, Regal was released from WWE and then debuted for AEW several months later at their Revolution pay-per-view. Regal stated that if the phone call about coming to AEW came from anyone else but Bryan Danielson, he would not have been there. 

Regal worked with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque in NXT as a Director. He was the on-screen General Manager for the brand as well. 

Not even a little surprised, this was inevitable once Hunter took over. Glad he had his AEW run though, he did very well. Surprise his contract was so short term.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Case and point is Malakai Black with all these sources saying he was done he was going back to the WWE, then is seen again on AEW.


Did Regal buy a plane ticket out of AEW or is that unconfirmed?


I don’t think that was ever said. Most reliable reports said that Black is was given a conditional release to deal with mental health issues and that he had a no compete. Reports said he wanted to go to WWE, but I don’t remember any saying he would any time soon.

Why is it whenever someone leaves AEW, the smear campaigns seems to begin? First Cody, then Punk, now Regal?

This Twitter poster is giving me “I’m not racist….BUT” and then proceeds to go on a racist rant vibes. Not that he’s racist, but he’s definitely reaching to push a false narrative.

Where was a Cody smear campaign?
And I don’t see a Punk one - unless sensible people saying Punk was in the wrong with how things went down at All Out, is smearing?

Look, I threw that up for the sake of discussion. Regal has anywhere from months to years left on his deal… But apparently he’s just being let go. Maybe there’s more to this?

Just speculation for a message board discussion. Hardly a smear campaign.


Come on Man, there is zero evidence to support this. Not a single person has come out and said a single thing bad about Regal, not a single reputable journalist has said anything to even imply this as being even remotely accurate (at least from what I have seen). This is just someone butthurt that Regal left making shit up out of thin air.

As for Cody, I can copy and paste Twitter posts if you want me to. All I know is Cody went from being loved online to being called overrated seemingly overnight.

As for Punk, don’t misinterpret my comments as me saying he’s in the right. A person can both be on the wrong, and have a smear campaign against them.

Is this a smear campaign or some guy just making a comment on his thoughts.

I don’t think there was a campaign against Cody or Punk either. People were pissed with Punk and rightly so. We wanna just see him wrestle and its frustrating he’s so paranoid and let it get to him.

I know people who laugh at AEW as just employing ‘washed up WWE guys’ so it goes both ways. Just ignore the idiots on social media but I think if someone thinks there could be something in a tweet then feel free to post it for discussion…thats what this board is for isnt it?

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Damn, @TheBenjamin stole my joke.

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All fair points.

But why is Regal being given this random exit? Absolutely nothing about it makes sense, and several sources have alluded to “lots going on” surrounding the possibility of his exit.

The most absurd thing I’m reading is Regal had a provision in his deal if Triple H took over, he could get his release? How is that anymore acceptable or believable than what I shared above. Why would anyone agree to a contract that allows the talent get a release to go somewhere that better suits their tastes because of a corporate shake-up?


Whoever is out there pedaling this should show the receipts. That’s one of the most absurd contract stipulations ever. The Vince-Shane mystery box is more believable than this stipulation.

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It was probably a short-term contract. His AEW contract ends in December.

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He signed a contract for less than a year? He was released in January. He had a minimum 30 day non-compete. He started in March with AEW. Event if he signed a one year deal, he’s got months left.

All that said - I understand WHY he is going back to WWE. He wants to work with one of his best friends in Triple H, somebody who he’s known for 30 years. I just think the timeline is strange, and leads me to believe there is something else at play.

Yes it is. This is what fans do now a days. A performer leaves their promotion of choice, and they rip them on the way out. Cody and Punk both for this as well.

As for WWE fans doing it to, I agree. Nothing about my post defends idiot WWE fans, but I dont really see those narratives as nobody on here is posting that stuff, and I dont really follow WWE fans on social media as many of them are simply idiots. I never once implied or said it doesnt go both ways. Both sides have idiots.

That does sound absurd, and to be honest I havent read that (I believe its out there though).

My guess is one of two things.

Either he signed a short term contract because he’s not a wrestler. While that would be odd for an in ring performer, I dont think its that uncommon for out of ring talents like him to have short stints in companies.

Or he requested his release and out of respect Tony gave it to him. Regal was in a tough spot, he worked for his buddy, his buddy gets sick and his buddies asshole father in law fires him. Regal was always a Triple H guy, I’m sure its killing him to not be there. That is not a shot at AEW, his run in AEW was awesome. The MJF stuff has been amazing. Maybe he went to Tony and explained his situation and Tony was empathetic. I don’t know, but I don’t want to push narratives that he’s some bad guy that came and disrupted the locker room. I’ve never heard a bad thing about Regal, ever. At least with Punk I get it, guy is an asshole. Regal is not.

I just don’t like it when people have their characters smeared on social media (for the record when I say “smear campaign”, I mean from fans, not AEW). I know this is an extreme, but we saw what this did to Hana Kimura, I think sometimes wrestling fans forget that these are real people they making stories up about, not “characters”.

I just don’t understand why Tony would do this or anybody would think this is acceptable. He’s been a featured player in a very good spot. “Hey, thanks for employing me for the last nine months after I was fired and for giving me a good role - but you see my friends are having fun and I want to join them” is an incredibly bizarre idea to believe has happened.

It’s not like a case for Regal being misused could be made. In fact he was given more spotlight for somebody who couldn’t medically compete than perhaps should have been done.

I don’t know the answer, but if Tony was going to let people go for being assholes, wouldn’t he have let Andrade go?

Until I hear at least one person say anything to this effect, I don’t want to speculate the absolute worst about a man who is universally praised for his attitude and mentorship.

Maybe it was my first theory, maybe he simply signed a very short term contract as both sides had no idea how it would go.

I don’t think that Tony would let them go to the goodness of his heart. He didn’t let others go.

However, there could be other issues here:

  1. Regal is not allowed to appear on camera, but only backstage for WWE. In this case, maybe Tony wouldn’t care as much.

  2. Regql had an out clause that said, if Triple H was ever put in charge, he would be able to go back if he wanted it. He could’ve negotiated that in advance, knowing the tenuous situation in WWE and the fact that Vince won’t live forever.

  3. He may have signed a contract, which gave him the ability to leave within the first year if Things didn’t work out.

Lots of options beyond Regal is a mole or dick or something