REPORT: WWE informs talent to stop using "outside third parties"

So WWE takes over Talent Twitch accounts within 4 weeks and will take a cut of revenue generated. Then whatever Talent was making now goes against the downside - per Wrestling Inc. That is basically a pay cut to talent. They were paid X for services, now X-Twitch for same services + Twitch streams. That is beyond messed up. It’s not additive to their pay, it’s an actual reduction.

This crop of WWE talent need to strike or so something. It’s embarrassing if they do not. I am no longer feeling bad for them, I feel sad for them as they have zero backbone if they take this on the chin.


It’s insane that this is legal.

This fucking company.

Apparently it’s against Twitch terms of service.

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Cool that this happens to “independent contractors”…

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Who has a twitch account in WWE?

There is a thread dedicated to this:

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Ok, so based on the first post its:

Xavier Woods
Mia Yim
Tyler Breeze

Have any of these 4 spoken publicly about this?

Try this:


Nope. What matters are the laws, of which ever state the contract was written (in regards to the corporation), state of residence, and US laws.

It is not clear to me that McMahon can just arbitrarily control use of real names. Whether a talent wants to go to court I don’t know, as it would be expensive.

Also, if McMahon is trying to unilaterally change a contract, I doubt that will hold up in court unless the contract explicitly outlines what a party (in this case WWE) can change.

And there are plenty of examples where contract holders try a stunt, only to be shot down in court.

I have no doubt that the standard WWE contract states that a talent cannot engage in activities that compete with the WWE. But that is going to be hard to enforce if, say, a talent wants to have an activity outside of sports entertainment and use their own name.

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Paige twitted a “Nope” when the news first broke.

But it’s about damn time those guys show some backbone. If not - screw them. They deserve what they get.

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Paige just tweeted:


Pathetic company


They are bending and bending and bending. And you can bend so much before you brake the thing you are bending. It’s all in the talents’ hands. If they do nothing - FK them. A bunch of jellyfishes, not deserving any support or attention.

Yeah the talent needs to show they have spines. Like CM Punk said, if everyone keeps doing it they will not fire everyone

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All I can say is, I really hope Andrew Yang gets into power if the Democrats take office. As much as I love the WWE, somebody needs to go after them for things like this. Time for a change.

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Not sure I’m ready to hammer the talent as being spinless in this situation.

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Thanks for posting, I dont use alot of social media so I tend to miss these things. Very much appreciated :smile:

The talent should do ultimately what is in their best interests. If that is fighting this, they should fight. If they are fine with it, then thats up to them. I dont get the name calling either.

Talent are obligated to use twitch? Huh? What? That can’t be right.

I didn’t read it as obligated. It seemed those who do will have to do a Rev share, of which it counts against their downside.

The bold portion is what kills me. So before you got a downside of say $750k. Now say you earned an extra $50K on Twitch.
Wwe is going to take a portion of that $50K and whatever you make will go against the 750.

Before: WWE deal + Twitch = $800K
Now: WWE deal is 750 - twitch rev (let’s say 50/50).
They are reducing your income by 25K and then going to only pay you $725.

This may be confusing but you’re not only losing the outside money, you actually have that outside money count against the WWE deal. What idiot would Ever sign for that? I’m gonna do all the same work, share my Outside Rev, And let you count the share against what I do for you? Embarrassing. They are devaluing their services and worth.