REPORT: WWE releases include Dakota Kai, Malcolm Bivens, Dexter Lumis, Harland, Persia Pirotta

Originally published at REPORT: WWE releases include Dakota Kai, Malcolm Bivens

WWE has made its latest round of cuts.

On Friday afternoon, it was first reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that releases were expected to be coming down and began to report which performers were being cut.

We will keep track of the names reported and continue to update if more become known:

Dakota Kai
Malcolm Bivens
Dexter Lumis
Harland (Parker Boudreaux)
Persia Pirotta (Stephanie De Landre)
Referee Blair Baldwin (Chloe Christmas)
Vish Kanya (Sanjana George)
Draco Anthony (Reginald Chase Crews)
Mila Malani (Kellie Morga)
Raelyn Divine (Jaylen Williams)

Kai, who wrestled as Evie on the independents, signed with WWE in December 2016 and entered the Mae Young Classic the following year where she was eliminated in the quarter-finals by eventual winner Kairi Sane.

During her run in NXT, she won the NXT Tag Team Championships twice with Raquel Gonzalez/Rodriguez. After a lengthy feud between the partners, they reunited prior to NXT Stand & Deliver where they won the tag titles from Toxic Attraction but they lost the belts three days later on television prior to Gonzalez being moved to the SmackDown roster.

Bivens was signed in February 2019 after working on the independents for years as one of the standout managers on the scene. Bivens was paired with various acts including the team of Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar – who now go by the names Veer Mahaan and Sanga. Over the past year, Bivens has been the mouthpiece for The Diamond Mine, which has seen several members leave the company. The remaining members include Roderick Strong, Ivy Nile, and The Creed Brothers.

Fightful reported that WWE attempted to re-sign Bivens in February and he informed the company he did not want to. The performer issued the following video statement.

— MALCOLM (@Malcolmvelli) April 29, 2022

Parker Boudreaux a.k.a. Harland was signed in early 2021 and has been absent from television over the past few weeks as the second for Joe Gacy. He had a hype coming into the company and people comparing his looks to Brock Lesnar’s.

De Landre a.k.a. Persia Pirotta was signed in March 2021 and debuted on television during the bachelorette vignettes for Indi Hartwell with Pirotta playing one of Hartwell’s friends. Pirotta was linked with Duke Hudson on television and had been involved in a program with Hartwell and her storyline husband Dexter Lumis.

Sanjana George was one of four talents picked out of a 2019 tryout in India, but her signing was delayed due to the pandemic until April 2021. She had yet to debut on television.

Reginald Chase Crews a.k.a. Draco Anthony was trained by Booker T. and debuted on television last November. He appeared in a series of vignettes before debuting on NXT 2.0 and had recently wrestled Xyon Quinn on the April 12th edition of NXT 2.0.

Kellie Morga and Jaylen Williams were signed after the WWE tryouts in Las Vegas last summer during the week of SummerSlam and had not debuted on television yet.

Chloe Christmas a.k.a. Blair Baldwin wrestled on the independent scene and signed with the company last year. She was first given the name Paige before the switch to Blair Baldwin and performed as a referee on NXT 2.0.

Prior to his time in NXT, Dexter Lumis was best known for his work in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling from 2010-2015 under his real name, Sam Shaw. He began his stint with WWE NXT in 2019, with his biggest feud taking place against Johnny Gargano’s “The Way” stable, culminating with his wedding to Indi Hartwell last August. In storyline, the two are still currently married.

Well, looking forward to seeing these two talents do exceptionally well away from WWE, who arguably wasted their talent over the last year.

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What a waste of three-plus years for Bivens. The guy is amazing on the mic and I’d love to see him in AEW as a mouthpiece for someone.

Kai will find work somewhere, I have no clue why WWE wouldn’t want her. Great talent

Why would you release Dakota Kai?

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She’e 33 so I guess she’s probably too old. Possibly undersized too, but it makes no sense to me

Yeah but she’s got a great look, great personality and decent in ring. She’s way better than people like Carmella or Zelina


I just don’t know how or why anyone would get invested in NXT at this point. I’m guessing they won’t be renewed on USA. The show is beyond pointless

How do you fuck up Malcolm Bivens?
Like how? Just… HOW?!?


I had read from Fightful yesterday that she apparently wasn’t interested in re-signing.

She and Bivens apparently showing frustration and wanting to leave makes their departures sting less, and both are two talented not to pop up somewhere else.

Dexter Lumis and Windham Rotunda should talk. Lumis could be a heater for Windham, wherever he returns and build a bigger profile from it, the same way Jon Huber did.

If I were him, I’d stay far, far away from Proud Boys Wrestling (AKA CYN).