REPORT: WWE suspends Andrade for wellness violation

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Following Monday’s edition of Raw, it was reported that WWE United States champion Andrade has been suspended for a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

The news of Andrade’s suspension was first reported by Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet.

On Raw, Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade by disqualification in their United States title match and Carrillo followed with a post-match attack and hit Andrade with a hammerlock DDT onto the concrete floor to explain his upcoming absence.

It was notable that they didn’t choose to take the title off Andrade, who had just won the title on December 26th from Rey Mysterio at a live event at Madison Square Garden. added that the suspension caused re-writes for Raw as Carrillo had been scheduled to start a new program. The site adds that the suspension will go into effect on Tuesday.


Andrade been spending too much time sucking on fake tiddies that a foreign substance was found in his system.

Silicone posioning?

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Ees normal.

  • Anderson Silva

too much Jaritos

Wrestlevotes twitter account hinting Joe is next

I’d also be tempted to say that Rey Mysterio is as well, following the infamous “DDT to concrete” spot with Angel Garza tonight.