Report: WWE talent delayed leaving Saudi Arabia

Only 2 women are in Saudi and it was unrealistic their travel plans. They should plan a women’s show after every Saudi show. Take some not all of the bad taste out of this horrible business arrangement. No foresight at all with this company.

Evolution 2, smackdown edition.

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Reports of NXT talent being flown into Buffalo.

Daniel Bryan vs. Adam Cole for the NXT Title.

That’ll do. That’ll do.

Season one vengeance, finally.


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From Observer Radio, there was a financial dispute with them owing WWE money. The show didn’t air live on Saudi TV until they were paid. (Key phrasing here) According to Meltzer the wrestlers who were left behind felt like pawns a lot said they were never going back and others said they can’t wait to leave WWE.

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There’s a lot going on to this story. Imagine trying to fuck with someone who casually beheads well known journalists without a second thought.

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They may be home safe but this story will run and run.

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This whole thing is bizzare.

Would Vince really play chicken with MBS? And why wouldn’t the Saudi’s pay?

My only idea would be that they wanted old time stars since that’s what they know and enough wasn’t delivered in a good manner.

Yet even if they didn’t does Vince have the power to cut off the feed in SA? Seems very far fetched to believe he would let his stars sit there as pawns against MBS

Obviously there is some truth to there being problems between Vince/Saudis. Guys aren’t going to tweet for prayers or say they aren’t going back, if it’s just mechanical issues.

I guess only Vince knows and he’s not telling

The hubris of Vince treating this like some old-timey territorial shake-down would almost be funny if people’s safety wasn’t at stake. Brings the whole “away games” speech from The Wire to mind. In any event, if even half of what Meltzer’s talking about is true, Vince should step down. He’s brazenly gambling with his employees’ lives (even more than usual) and doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation.


We don’t know the talent was being directly threatened. If SA knew that simply delaying the flight would be problematic for WWE that could have been the retaliation. SA is not touching an American performer, starting an international incident with America, an ally, and they know Vince has a line to the President of America.

That said - the absurdity of a Chairman and CEO deciding to handle business matters in this way is shocking, reckless, scary. Wrestlers should immediately form a Union now and force him on the ropes. The fact they can’t automatically get paid for extra time spent is absurd and something a union negotiating OT would have secured.

I hope the XFL is viable because it is time WWE is sold

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WWE will never unionize IMO the top talent gets taken care of well so likely would never strike.

@MJfromNJ You’re right: wasn’t meaning to imply that there was a direct, literal threat. But the apparent uncertainty about the situation (Meltzer saying that wrestlers weren’t buying the mechanical problems story) seems to have had a real effect on people’s senses of security (Why are we waiting? Are we actually being detained?). Flexing that sort of muscle might have just been to mess with the schedule as you say, but it also seems to have legitimately scared and angered people.

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Of course! Does anyone watch Sucession? I believe this has taken place before with Business men. The story was entirely bullshit and therein lies the real dangerous part and the false sense of security. It’s unacceptable

It would be the perfect time for Vince to speak but I doubt that he will.

Vince May respond with having mansoor join the kiss my ass club on Monday

Very tasteful Alex.

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