Reports: Hikuleo expected to join WWE following end of NJPW deal

Originally published at Reports: Hikuleo expected to join WWE following end of NJPW deal

Long-time NJPW talent Hikuleo might be WWE-bound soon.

Recent reports from both Fightful and have mentioned that Hikuleo could soon be the latest NJPW star to make the move to WWE.

Early Monday, wrote that Hikuleo’s final date with the promotion reportedly was the Dominion card on Sunday and that he is “presumed to be headed to WWE.”

Hours later, Fightful had a similar report stating that Hikuleo is expected to join the company once he is available and out of his deal with NJPW.

Hikuleo’s second reign as NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Champions alongside El Phantasmo came to an end just a couple of days ago, dropping the belts to Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste of TMDK. 

Former stablemates of Hikuleo under the Guerillas of Destiny – Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa – have both recently joined WWE and taken major roles in the prominent Bloodline faction.

NJPW has been Hikuleo’s home since his in-ring debut in 2016. He has worked more than 250 matches for them, including appearances in the 2023 G1 Climax and three different minor title reigns.

I have never seen this person in a match before as I don’t watch New Japan. Is this a big signing?

I’ve only seen his work in AEW. He seemed solid enough, but nothing outstanding.

Familial connections definitely playing a part in this. And I suppose why not right now.


Oh ok, I know who he is. I was thinking he was someone else. He’s Tama Tongas brother……your comments threw me at first lol but when I looked him I recognized him.

Having probably watched ~90% of Hikuleo’s total pro in-ring time, this is a move that’s best for everyone involved. His shortcomings will be easier to ignore in WWE, they’re much better at booking/presenting giants than New Japan, and it’ll be easier for him to show off his personality (which comes across far better in New Japan pressers/backstage comments than in-ring). In terms of talent/upside, he’s probably a better worker right now than the absolutely cooked Tonga Loa, but I don’t see him ever getting anywhere near his other brother.


Tama Tonga is one of the best guys in WWE right now. His brother will be a tier below that for sure

What exactly has he done for you to consider him being “one of the best guys in WWE right now.”

I love this story and where it looks to be going, but in my opinion, there is a massive disconnect in how they are portraying him and what he’s giving us in the ring. We’re being told he’s a criminal, a savage, but then he gets in the ring and he’s a generic guy, who makes a few weird noises to try and come off like a savage. Or makes some weird noises or faces in the back.