REPORTS: Shane McMahon out at WWE, upcoming plans dropped

Originally published at REPORTS: Shane McMahon out at WWE, upcoming plans dropped

Shane McMahon is gone from WWE, according to multiple reports.

On Wednesday, Ringside News reported that McMahon had been “quietly let go” by the company. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed McMahon’s departure with plans for McMahon at Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania dropped.

The 52-year old returned during Saturday’s Royal Rumble match and was scheduled to participate at Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 38. added that some believed McMahon took the brunt of the heat over how poorly the men’s Royal Rumble was received as McMahon was involved in the match layout.

McMahon previously left WWE in 2009 to work on outside ventures and returned in February 2016 to set up a match with The Undertaker at that year’s WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium. McMahon was only under a talent deal over the past several years where he wrestled occasionally and had a stint as the General Manager of SmackDown alongside Daniel Bryan.

Shane McMahon is All Elite!


It shows how much they care about Owens. Shane dumped him in the rumble and now it will never be mentioned again.

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That would be cool!

“There goes the money!”

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I read today that the planned mania match was Shane vs Rollins for the title. I think the fans would have shit all over it.

Makes sense that Shane eliminated Owens in hindsight. I have to think that with Rollins and Owens doing the “best friends” gimmick that it was going to lead to the two of them attacking him or something along those lines. Glad I’ll never find out.

Hopefully they do Rollins vs Owens instead. The fans seem to be getting behind Rollins lately so he could easily transition to babyface.

People realize Rollins vs. Owens happened in the Performance Center mania right? That was actually 2 years ago. I’m so confused by this match being the one fans want. Though the story does play for it.

Shane McMahon is out of WWE…until he is eventually brought back. Such a kneejerk reaction it would seem right before earnings…oof. Likely has no impact, but just more baffling timing of corporate shuffle

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Ha! I completely forgot about that. Just goes to show you how well WWE storylines stick. I take back what I said, I seriously completely forgot about that.

Now that I think about it, they also faced off in a hell in a cell. I swear man, it all blurs together.

Apparently Shane was the main producer of the Rumble and he rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way. Not sure exactly what that means though.

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This is the best story they’ve had in over a year, and it’s all backstage stuff

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Shane to come back night after mania and reveal what he held over his Dad’s head to get the match with Undertaker!