RESULTS: Progress Chapter 97 - Sex Robots Will Eventually Be Capable Of Murder

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Event: Progress Chapter 97: Sex Robots Will Eventually Be Capable Of Murder

Venue: Electric Ballroom, Camden, London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

Mark Andrews over Connor Mills

Andrews was accompanied by Progress champion Eddie Dennis, who distracted the referee allowing Andrews to hit a low blow for the win. Andrews and Dennis beat Mills down after the match with OJMO attempting to make the save before David Starr ran in and cleared the ring. Starr demanded a title match, and Dennis announced the winner of tonight’s main event would receive a title shot, and that match would be Starr against OJMO.

Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) over Jordon Breaks and Sid Scala replaced Darrell Allen.

A fun showcase for Pretty Deadly, a couple of missed timings but decent enough.

Cara Noir over Ilja Dragunov

A rematch of their great contest at Chapter 96 in Manchester, which was won by Dragunov. Both are extremely popular with this audience and this was another brilliant encounter with several callbacks to the previous match before Noir won with a sleeper choke. No doubt the rubber match is coming soon.

Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo and Danny Duggan) with William Eaver vs The NIC (Charlie Carter and Oisin Delaney

Before this match could begin a video from Spike Trivet appeared on the screen announcing new members of DNR. Pretty Deadly then hit the ring for a 5 on 2 beatdown of the NIC

Progress Women’s Championship
Meiko Satomura over Dani Luna to retain

Although nobody here realistically thought Luna was going to win the title, I expected her to at least compete. Satomura took 90% of the match before winning with a burning hammer.

Progress Proteus Championship
Paul Robinson over William Eaver to retain

The nature of the Proteus title is that the champion decides what stipulations it will be defended under. During Robinson’s reign, the title can change hands only via knock out or tap out. Eaver sent the rest of DNR to the back before the match, which was an all-out brawl. Unfortunately, it featured some brutal unprotected chair shots that totally took me out of the match. Robinson hit three curb stomps before stamping Eaver’s head to smithereens forcing the referee to call it a KO.

David Starr over OJMO

Great main event with OJMO repeatedly going for the half crab and Starr finding a way to escape it. OJMO hit a frog splash that had the audience biting before finally, Starr hit the Han Stanson lariat for the win. OJMO is a tremendous underdog and received a great ovation after Starr had gone to the back.

Nice subtitle for the show.

Any ideas why it was called that?

They always give their shows punk-rock titles. The last show, Chapter 96, was called “Real Friends Stab You in the Front”.