RESULTS: PWG Battle of Los Angeles - Night 1

Originally published at RESULTS: PWG Battle of Los Angeles - Night 1

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla held its first night of the Battle of Los Angeles tournament featuring the opening round.

The eight tournament matches featured late replacement Wheeler Yuta and Blake Christian announced on Friday after Jonathan Gresham and Davey Richards were unable to work the show.

Below are the results:
*Aramis over Rey Horus
*Wheeler Yuta over Blake Christian
*Buddy Matthews over JONAH
*Daniel Garcia over Kevin Blackwood
*Lio Rush over Jack Cartwheel
*Black Taurus over JD Drake
*Alex Shelley over Lee Moriarty
*Speedball Mike Bailey over Bandido

Below is a live report we received from our correspondent Sean:

Aramis vs Rey Horus
Fun opener. Big dives. Lots of big moves. Aramis wins

Blake Christian vs Wheeler Yuta
Another good match. Worked well together. Both looked great, especially Blake Christian. Yuta wins.

Jonah vs Buddy Matthews
The crowd loved Buddy. They played Rock Paper Scissors and Jonah won. As for the match… hard-hitting. Jonah got heat doing the Reigns cocked fist spot. Buddy used a low blow, then many curb stomps (the last being on a chair) to win. Buddy wins.

Kevin Blackwood vs Daniel Garcia
Tons of suplexes. Garcia gave Blackwood a piledriver on the apron. Garcia wins via submission.

Jack Cartwheel vs Lio Rush
Love/hate from the crowd towards Lio Rush. Lots of action. Rush wins with a frog splash.

JD Drake vs Black Taurus
Hoss match with a lot of dives and flips. Another good match. Black Taurus wins.

Lee Moriarty vs Alex Shelley
A different pace than the rest. Grappling and counters. Very good professional wrestling. Shelley wins.

Bandido vs Speedball Mike Bailey
The crowd loves Speedball. Welcome Back chants. Fucking awesome match! My match of the night! Crazy stuff! Speedball wins! The crowd loved it.

Awesome show. Nothing close to a bad match. Main event my match of the night!

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This sounds like an amazing card and Christian vs Rush is a great make due for the absences of Gresham and Richards.